Thursday, April 4, 2013

St Kilda reviews for April

Hang in there Bozo : a Ruby Redfort  book by Lauren Child - reviewed by Lily

Really, really funny and that’s basically all you can say about it. There are two other Ruby Redfort books - she is a 13 year old spy who works for an agency called Spectrum. She has an undercover agent babysitter called Hitch and a good friend called Clancy. There are really weird tips in the book, like how to start a fire and how to get away from someone dangerously dull.

Rated:  4 reallys - Lily also recommends the Inside a Dog website (you can find it and other book site links on our Online resources page).

The hunger games trilogy by Suzanne Collins - reviewed by Zoe

It’s about a girl named Catniss Everdeen. There’s a capital and there are 13 districts. There was a war before she was alive. 12 districts survived and one district was blown up. The whole thing is Catniss goes into an arena and has to fight 23 kids to the death. Catniss volunteered to go instead of her sister. She ended up falling in love with a boy called Peter. After the first arena she gets thrown into a 'ticktock' arena. She survives that and then a war breaks out… What happens next?

Rated:  5 reallys

Monsieur Cadichon: memoirs of a donkey by Countess de Ségur - reviewed by Lola

It’s about a donkey and his life. The author pretends that the donkey wrote it. It was written over 150 years ago. Every chapter is a different story. It’s about a quick-witted, harmless donkey who’s fat. He has a lot of different masters and mistresses as he’s naughty and gets kicked out of home a lot. He ends up living with a boy called Jacques. There’s more of him in the Fleurville trilogy by the same author.

Rated:  4.2 reallys

The adventures of Nanny Piggins by R.A.Spratt - reviewed by Olivia

It’s about a nanny who’s a pig and looks after Derek, Samantha & Michael. She LOVES cakes and thinks that vegetables shouldn’t be allowed within 10m of them. She’s an acrobat who ran away from the circus. The person who hired her is Mr Green who is a tax lawyer and he hates his children. Nanny Piggins works for 11 cents an hour. She was a headmistress for a day and she has twelve identical sisters and one brother. She also has an adopted brother called Boris who is a Russian ballet dancing bear. Boris’s house is the shed. Wendy, Deidre & Beatrice are some of her evil sisters. Deidre was Mr Green’s fiancé and she only wanted to marry him for his car. She was going into a demolition derby and she took his vomit-yellow Rolls Royce. Nanny Piggins got him a new vomit-brown Rolls Royce to replace the one Deidre stole.

Rated:  5 reallys

Eragon by Christopher Paolini (who is in the Guinness book of records as the youngest living best-selling author) - reviewed by Jack

It’s about a boy called Eragon who finds a polished blue stone in the forest that’s really a dragon egg. He takes it home, thinking that it would buy his family meat over winter. It hatches overnight. The creepy old storyteller had this dragon who died and came back to be Eragon’s dragon. They go on a quest to kill his uncle’s murderers. At the end of the book they find the rebel’s hideout and there’s a big battle.

Rated:  4 reallys