Wednesday, April 5, 2017

March reviews from Albert Park

Imagining the future by Simon Torok and Paul Holper - reviewed by Harry

There are a lot of futuristic ideas in this book, for example things such as hoverboards replacing scooters. I would highly recommend this book for people who do a lot of reading. This book is also for people who like architecture, science, chemistry and imagination. This book is published by the CSIRO so it is based on fact. There are even scientists working on a bag that turns into a glider like Despicable Me 2.

Rated:  4.5/5 - "I'm a science-y type of guy so I kind of like this sort of book. It would be even better if it had some kids' suggestions and ideas."

Dork Diaries: Puppy love by Rachel Renee Russell - reviewed by Georgia

The Dork Diaries series is about Nikki Maxwell and her dorky friends and her arch-enemy MacKenzie Hollister. MacKenzie has changed schools and Nikki is very happy. She has a crush on Brandon, he asks her to look after some puppies, there's a big crisis ... blah, blah, blah. All her year level are going to different schools and Nikki ends up at the same school as MacKenzie.

Rated:  4.5/5

The wishing spell ; The land of stories, bk. 1 by Chris Colfer - reviewed by Miranda

This book is about some twins, Alex and Connor. It's their birthday and their grandmother gives them her book of stories called the Land of Stories. The book sometimes starts glowing and then some of Alex's things start disappearing from her room. She also starts wishing she could go into the book. One day the twins fall into the book and have an adventure trying to get back out again. Snow White's stepmother wants to get to the wishing spell to save her boyfriend, which the twins also need, to get out of the book.

Rated:  MAXIMUM/5 - "It is just the sort of book I like ... I felt like Alex, I really got into the book."

Dirty Bertie: Germs! by David Roberts - reviewed by Cole

About a kid who's REALLY dirty - he even throws his teacher in the bin! One day his sister is sick and doesn't go to school and he is really angry at her because he would like to not go too. So the book is all about all the things he tries to do to avoid going to school.

Rated:  4.5/5 - "Pretty interesting and funny."

Garfield - Light of my life by Jim Davis - reviewed by Hannah

I'm reading the most boring book in the world. It's a comic about a cat called Garfield and his life. He bosses his owner and dog around. He's fat (actually obese), he does a lot of jokes and some are funny ... most are not.

Rated:  2.5/5 - "Not that funny."

World Domination : Glenn Maxwell, bk. 4 by Patrick Loughlin - reviewed by Flynn

Glenn Maxwell travels to England and gets to play teams like Pakistan, India, South Africa and the West Indies. The games are 20 overs (a bit like the Big Bash). He has to work hard on his batting and bowling. He wins against England in the grand final.

Rated:  4/5 - "I wish there were more games in the book, it's more about his life."