Sunday, March 3, 2019

February Reviews from St Kilda

The Enchantress by Michael Scott, Review by Jaxon

This is the last book in the series. This is the story of the gold and the silver, the orange and vanilla, the twins of legend. There is a prophecy that one will save and the other will destroy. There is a big plot twist, -which I won't spoil-, but one of the twins ends up being an earlier character in the series. Remember the plot? Twist it around and then throw it out the window!

Rated: 5/5 Reallys. "It's an amazing book, I love magic."

The Taken: Foxcraft by Iserles Inbali, Review by Arianna

When Isla gets back to the den everyone she knows has disappeared and been replaced with strange foxes with blood shot eyes who want to kill her. She escapes and goes in search of her brother and nearly dies multiple times. Over her journey she meets a fox who teaches her foxcraft. She finds her brother eventually but isn't prepared for his betrayal...

There are three books in the series.

Rated: 5/5 Reallys."I really like magic and this book has a lot of attention to detail. It's a bit like Endling.

Dreams Come True: The Ella Diaries by Meredith Costain, Illustrated by Danille McDonald, Review by Zara

It's about a girl, Ella and her favourite singer Cassie Valentine. There is this competition where you have to make a video and the best one gets to produce the play. There are two assistant teachers from this year and last year and Ella thinks they will choose her because of how creative she is...

Rated: 3.2/5 Reallys. "It's really good"

Firestorm's Musical Muck-up: Miniwings, Book 1 by Sally Sutton, Illustrated by Kirsten Richards, Review by Safiya

There's a girl called Sophia. She has six miniwings, which are magical, tiny horses with wings. They think they are just regular horses though. Their names are Oceania, Firestorm, Glitter Wings, Comet, Moonlight and Whizz. They are actually real and the kids get into lots of trouble because of them...

Rated: 5/5 Reallys. "It's a series. I'm going to read them all"

The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone by Jacklyn Moriarty, Review by Aarev

It's set in kingdoms and empires. There is the Whispering Kingdom, where the Whisperers have powers of mind control. A super charged power will cause a a complete loss of free will on the victim. They whisper in your head, make you think something and push it along. They steal children to work in the mines. They're not mining diamonds, but a substance that stops them from fading away. Not all Whisperers are bad, though many are by choice. There are also Dark Mages and Good Mages and Spellbinders. You can tell you're a Spellbinder if your toenails turn blue at midnight! Bronte, who is the main character, had parents but they were killed by pirates when she was young. She wasn't  that upset because she never got to know them well. There are Faeries too. Anyway Bronte's parents have left her a will which requires her to visit all her aunts across the kingdoms. If she doesn't her home and the whole town are doomed to crumble...

Rated: 5/5 Reallys.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, Review by Cailey

So it's just this normal kid who gets kicked out of school because of weird things that have happened (for example, he killed a snake with his bare hands as a toddler.) In year 6, on an excursion at a museum, one of his teachers turns into a demon with leathery wings and a man in a wheelchair gives Percy a knife. When he stabs the demon, she turns to dust. Later on he hears people in the school office talking about how it isn't safe for him to be in school. He has a mysterious friend that gives him his business card and a Mum and a stinky stepdad. One day his dad never came back. He is going on a holiday with his mum when something happens to the road, and a Minotaur appears....

Rated: 5/5 Reallys. "Lots of interesting parts, lots of fantasy and magic"

The Bad Guys. Episode 8, Superbad by Aaron Blabey, Review by Nick

I'm still reading this at the moment. It starts with them being surrounded by aliens, who were in the last two books. They're having a cold fight because they have super powers now. Snake has telekinesis, Mr. Wolf has super strength, Piranha has super speed and Shark can shape-shift. They're about to lose when Mr. Wolf's friend Agent Fox flies down with a group of friends and rescues them before they are obliterated. Then they have to get back to their secret lair for training.

Rated: 5/5 Reallys. "Really funny"

Wonder by R. J. Palacio, Review by Alicia

It's about a boy who is deformed called Auggie. He doesn't go to school, but then one day his mum and dad decide he should. He meets the principle and students Jack, Will and Charlotte who give him a tour. At Halloween he wears a costume and his disfigured face is hidden. He really likes Halloween because he doesn't have to deal with being seen as different. Then he thinks he hears his friend Will, who is wearing a mummy outfit. Will doesn't seem to know it is Auggie behind the mask and his is talking about him...

Rated: 5/5 Reallys.

Curse of the Arctic Star by Carolyn Keene, Review by Jasmine

It's about this girl who is the boss but isn't really the boss. After some threatening emails she is sent to investigate a cruise ship. She pretends she won a prize to get on board. Immediately her luggage is misplaced and when it is found it looks slightly different. She goes with her friend Georgie. They keep their bellboys occupied with drink orders and pillow requests while they investigate. Then they hear a scream: "there's a body in the pool!"

Rated: 5/5 Reallys. "Pretty freaky, pretty cool"

Geronimo Stilton: Kingdom of Fantasy Series by Geronimo Stilton, Review by Sonia

I really like this series and lots of people in my class do too. Full of funny and cool stories. Lots of adventure and fantasy. I really recommend it for anyone my age (9).

Rated: 5/5 Reallys.

Explorers of Australia 1778 to the Present by Linsie Tan, Review by Lachlan

I have been learning a lot about the history of Australia including how and when Europeans discovered it, settlement and some politics.

Rated: 4/5 Reallys. "Pretty interesting"