Thursday, June 13, 2013

St Kilda reviews for June (yes, they're early this month!!)

The mark of Athena : Heroes of Olympus, bk. 3 by Rick Riordan - reviewed by Jackson

Basically it's about a prophecy of seven. The characters are Jason, Piper, Percy, Annabeth, Leo, Hazel & Frank. They are going on a quest to kill the two giants Otis & Ephialtes, but Annabeth has been given a special quest by her mum - to follow the mark of Athena and find the Athena Parthenon. She has to do that because it is the only way to reunite the great Roman demigods. I won’t tell you anymore because that would give away too much of the story.

Rated: 5 reallys - "I liked this because it was part of my favourite series and it is the most recent one."

Rani in the mermaid lagoon by Lisa Papademetriou - reviewed by Mika

The fairies are getting ready for a party. Rani is one of the water fairies. There is a fountain made for the party. Usually Rani makes the top of the fountain but the other fairies have decided that some of the others should do it. Rani tries to do it in secret but it all goes wrong. She accidentally gets dropped in the fountain. She is so sad she runs away through the wood and comes to a river where there is a water snake. She is afraid and runs and comes to this mermaid lagoon. Two mermaids are sitting in it, a green mermaid and a blue mermaid.

Rated: 4.5 reallys
Do not open by John Farndon - reviewed by Jack

It’s about everything pretty much. It’s full of facts about the series "Men in Black", about Lord Lucan, the Bermuda Triangle, secret agents, the Rosetta Stone, stories, questions, theories.

Rated: 4.5 reallys

Go girl! series - 6 different stories - reviewed by Angelique

Different groups with six people in each group do different challenges – one is raft racing, but they didn’t win. They also raise money for the Lost Dogs Home – they did this by washing dogs, and they also did different adventure stuff. Whoever won most of the competitions got a special trophy.

Rated: 4.5 reallys

Percy Jackson is having a normal life except for getting expelled from every boarding school. Something freaky happens at every school. He vaporises his maths teacher called Mrs Dodds and puts a mist onto the immortals' eyes so they think that Mrs Dodds never existed. Strange things happen to Percy because he is half mortal and half god because he is the son of a Greek god. He goes to an old holiday house with his mom on Long Island Beach but a hurricane blows up. His mum has to take him to a half-blood camp and he is not supposed to see his mum ever again.

Rated: 5 reallys

... while talking about Percy Jackson and the lightning thief - Jackson has read the book and seen the movie and wants to say the book is definitely better – you should read the book first!!

The borrowers by Mary Norton - reviewed by Lola

About this family – dad is called Pod, mum is called Homily and the daughter is called Arrietty. They are a family of tiny people who live under the floorboards and everything they have is borrowed from the human 'beans', for example, a sugar cube, a single tissue. No humans have known about them ever. One day when Arrietty is hopping about in the garden the boy from the house comes out and sees her and they become best friends and there is a movie made of it but the movie is not called The borrowers, it's called Arrietty.

Rated: 4.5 reallys

The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane by Cate DiCamillo - reviewed by Olivia

About a little china rabbit who lives on Egypt Street with a family. The family is moving to England and going on a boat. Two boys find Edward, the china rabbit, and throw him back and forth. He goes overboard then this tramp guy finds him and then loses him, and another person finds him and loses him. Three more different people find him and then lose him. All eventually come together back at Egypt Street at a party. All the people who have found and lost Edward are there. In the end Abilene, the original owner, finds and keeps him.

Rated: 4.4 reallys

Cupcake catastrophe : Ella and Olivia, bk. 1 by Yvette Poshoglien - reviewed by Kris
Ella and Olivia are making cupcakes for their dad's birthday. They have a cupcake catastrophe and cupcakes go everywhere. They put salt instead of sugar in the batter. Because they want to make something special for their dad they try again and it works – just before the guests arrive.

Rated: 4 reallys


Rules & Roles were discussed at the meeting, and the following guidelines were created:

Rules for 2013
  • ·         Patience and respect
  • ·         Love of books and reading (essential)
  • ·         Love of chips, orange juice and freddos (optional)
  • ·         Manners and listening
  • ·         Not talking over each other
Roles for 2013
  • ·         Orange juice fairy is Lola (and you must summon her)
  • ·         Chip elf is Jack (and you must summon him)