Tuesday, July 18, 2017

June Reviews From St Kilda

It’s about magic, monsters, gods, immortals and elders. So immortals, Billy the Kid, Machiavelli, Dr John Dee, Regina Dare and gold aura’d Josh Newman, have gone to the prison of Alcatraz, to release mythical beasts on to San Franciso, Elsewhere, having traveled back in time Scathach, Palamedes, William Shakespeare, Saint Germain and Joan of Arc to help conquer palace. Elsewhere the elders Prometheus, Perenelle and Niten, as well Nicholas Flamel and Sophie Newman have to split up to face a seven headed monster and learn earth bending magic.

Rated: 4.5/5  Reallys - "Exciting"  

This series is about a boy called Greg Heffley, who is in middle school. He has a best friend called Rowley Jefferson. It’s about his life. He has an older brother called Roderick who is an a band and can be quite annoying. His band is called “Loded Diper.” He has sleepovers and he has a little brother called Manny who is always telling on him. Sometimes he tells on Greg for things he did before he could talk.

Rated: 4.5/5 Reallys - "I recommend this series for ages nine to eleven." 

It’s about these seven kids, who win the DARE awards. The seven kids are from around the world and it’s kind of set within a mystical slash futuristic world, where robots have been around for centuries and centuries. The DARE awards were set up by this guy called Phillip Scott who is really, really famous. He became the world’s first billionaire.

Rated: 5/5 Reallys - “I like it because it is different, futuristic and it describes stuff well.” 

There are a mixture of stories in the book, I’ll just talk about one of them. In Shake, There’s this kid Byron. who has a twin Gavin. Gavin finds a box in the carrot patch which belonged to a twin. They have a fight over it, in the end they had to shake on it to be friends again because they both really wanted it. But when Byron won’t accept Gavin’s hand he runs out on to the street, blind with tears.

Rated: 5/5 Reallys -“Really good, it’s sort of sad and happy at the same time”

Harry Potter has just found out that his famous God Father, Sirius Black is trying to murder him. He is all that stands between him and Voldemort taking over the muggle world... 

Rated: 5/5 Reallys - "It's Harry Potter! So it's really cool"

It’s a big book filled with lots of little stories. My favourite stories in the collection were The Wild Boar by Anne Fienberg, Race by Pat Flynn and Roland Barrington by Lisa Forrest.

The Wild Boar is about this made up place and these kids whose parents get eaten or killed by a wild boar. The kids escape into this big, abandoned castle where a knight used to live. They live there for a year and learned about what happened to the knight. A witch turned him into something. For months and months they look deep into the eyes of anyone or painting while touching something blue and said the knight’s name, because the Witch’s diary reveals that this is how he will be found. There’s a little baby called Francita, and she finds a blue ribbon. A year after their parents’ death, the wild boar finds them again…

Race was written by a girl in year two who was doing a race, not something like running or swimming, it was tying your shoelaces. The girl had been practicing forever and everyone else was fumbling around watching what she was doing. When she finished she looked up her rival, Craig who she watches tie the last knot and yells out finished! She’s really upset because the teacher told them what to do during the race, not what to do after you had finished.

In Roland Barrington, Roland and his mum lead a hard and busy life. I don’t know what happened to his dad, but something did. Something happens to his mum’s friend and so his mum goes to the hospital to look after her. His great aunt Jemima comes to stay, and she’s really “loopy” like, she doesn’t get anything. They keep to a schedule that Roland has made and then on Saturday they go on an imaginary trip.

Rated: 5/5 Reallys.

Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens. Review by Verity

It’s about two girls named Daisy and Hazel who have this detective agency. One day they find the dead body of their Headmistress. The book is about Daisy and Hazel examining the suspects and finding out who committed the crime.  

Rated: 5/5 Reallys -“I liked it because I like mystery novels”

Batman’s Guide to Being Cool by Howie Dewin. Review by Mackenzie

It talks about how to be really cool, not just ordinary cool and also how to make really cool friends and get gadgets, super powers and what cool things you can get with them.

Rated: 5/5 Reallys - "I liked it because it was kind of funny, with lots of information and pictures."

Rangers Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan. Review by Ollie.

It’s kind of about this orphan named Will, who wanted to be a knight, but instead he is chosen as a ranger’s apprentice. In order to learn to be obedient, first off he has to do all this housework. Finally he gets to go to a ranger gathering, only to have it cancelled and be set on his first quest as evil lord Morgarath is waging his long threatened war. Will and Holt have to hunt down trouble makers and assassins, battle deadly creatures and protect the kingdom.

Rated: 5/5 Reallys - “It’s really cool, action packed”