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August reviews from St Kilda

The necromancer : the secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott - reviewed by Jackson

The back story of this book - which is the fourth in the series - is that these twins Sophie and Josh came from a prophecy created by elders. Elders are invincible beings living in shadow realms. They are all part animal. Some are good and some are super evil, they are dark elders. They can do magic by concentrating on their auras. Some of the dark elders chase Dr John Dee so he is on the run. Dr Dee is actually a real, historical person. He was an adviser to Elizabeth I. Meanwhile Josh operates the leygate lines to travel through to another dimension. He meets the good elder Prometheus, who teaches him fire magic. Dr Dee plans to draw all of the dark elders away from earth to be eaten by Coatlicue who is the mother of all Archons. Archons are older than the elders, they’re like the super boss, smash masters and Coatlicue is super evil. 

Rated:  5/5 reallys - "Brilliant, though insanely complicated. It flows really well so it doesn’t feel complicated."

Out of my mind by Sharon M. Draper - reviewed by Louise

It’s about this girl Melody. She’s got this synaesthesia condition where, for example, if you hear music, other senses overlap, like taste and colour. She can’t talk or walk. She’s super smart and has a photographic memory. A neighbour, Miss V (Violet Valencia) loves her, but tells her not to have self-pity, but show the world what she can do. One day she goes to the doctor. He gets her to do all of these exercises like stacking blocks. Melody ends up being put in class H5, a class for disabled students. She gets a machine that helps her communicate like Stephen Hawking. One day she tries out for this Whiz Kids competition which she wins. Some mean girls try to make out that she cheated, but she gets through. The next stage of the competition is in Washington.  

It’s all told from her perspective. She draws people in. Obviously the author did a lot of research, it's very descriptive.

Rated:  5/5 reallys - "so, so good!"

Crystal keepers : bk. 3 of the Five Kingdoms series by Brandon Mull - reviewed by Yuanquan

So in previous books this kid Cole is trapped in the lands called The Outskirts. In The Outskirts you create things out of nothing if you focus on making things happen. In the last book Cole helped his sister Honour get her powers back. The five kingdoms of The Outskirts are Sambria, Elloweer, Necronum, Zeropolis, and Creon. Right now Cole is in Zecropolis trying to find Constance, another one of Miracle’s sisters. When Cole is searching for her he finds he has a brother named Hunter. He has been in The Outskirts for two more years than Cole. Then Cole gets lost and is put in the care of BotSideKick. When they find Constance they find her shaping power, which turns into a monster!

Rated:  5/5 reallys - "it was just good!"

State of Grace by Hilary Badger - reviewed by Olivia

There is this group of people who live in this place that is really nice. There are walls all around it. The creator is D.O.T. They have this gazebo where they worship her. Every day they pick fruit and give them all to D.O.T. Everyone lives in huts. One day, the main character, Fern, starts having all these flashbacks about being at the beach with her little brother. She has a different name in them too, Vera. Nobody else seems to have flashbacks, or brothers, so she doesn’t tell anyone. There are all these text books about happiness. One day Fern notices fine print at the bottom of a page. It says: SHEPHERD CORPORATION, she starts seeing this in other places too.  

Things are getting crazy around Fern as one of the boys, Gill begins taking over because he thinks he can talk directly to D.O.T. One day a boy comes through the gate in the woods. This has never happened before. His name is Dennis. The gates are electric, and there is a password to open them. Once he’s in he can’t get out. Fern and another boy, Blaze decide to hide him, because it no longer feels safe. Then one day a helicopter comes…

Rated:  5/5 reallys - "Really good!"

The billionaire's curse by Richard Newsome - reviewed by Ruth

It’s about a boy called Gerald, who becomes one of the richest teenagers ever. He gets most of his money from his great-aunt. He inherits it. He has really good friends, twins Sam and Ruby. His aunt left him a message before she died, which says if he gets this message, she was murdered. She asks him to find out who did it, and to be careful. Sam and Ruby travel to England with Gerald to solve the mystery of his aunt’s murder. But Gerald’s life is in danger and the world’s largest diamond is missing…

This is the first book of a trilogy. 

Rated:  5/5 reallys - "Really, really, really, really, really good!"

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the winning stories...

Imaginations were certainly fired up with some impressive entries into our recent winter holiday writing competition in which 5 key words needed to be used: wings, snowflakes, pom poms, winter and magic... here are the winning entries.

7-8 year old category

Mikayla, winner

Hannah, runner-up

9-10 year old category

Agnes, winner

Sofia, runner-up

11-12 year old category

Rose, winner

Jemima, runner-up

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful entries submitted.

The lost puppies ... by Hannah

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there were three little puppies. Their names were Hannah, Will and Maddie.

Hannah was the eldest, she was 6 years old. Will was second, 4 years old. And Maddie was still a baby and was 2 years old. Hannah looked after her little brother and sister.

One sunny morning their mum said "you can play outside". So Hannah packed her bag. Inside there was 1 chocolate bar, 3 apples, 2 mandarins, 1 pear and 3 slices of watermelon.

Chapter 2

"Goodbye mum", "look after your brother and sister Hannah!" "Okay mum." And off they went.

They took off down the street with their bag of snacks.

After five minutes of walking, Hannah noticed she couldn't see the park yet. It was usually right around the corner. They had made a wrong turn and had reached a forest they had never seen before.

"Oh no! What will we do?"

"Well we could climb a tree and see the way" said Hannah. So they did. But it didn't work.

"I've got an idea" said Will, "we can keep on walking and we might find our way".

"Great idea!" said Hannah. So they kept on walking but suddenly they found themselves in a mountain.

"I'm hungry" said Maddie, "we only have one chocolate bar."

"Okay I'll wait."

"I want to go home" said Maddie. "What will we do now?"

 "I don't know" said Hannah.

Just then it started to snow. "I see snowflakes" said Maddie, "me too" said Hannah.

Chapter 3

"Where are we?" said Maddie,

"I think we're in the mountain and it's winter" said Hannah.

"Can I have the blanket you packed Hannah" said Will, "sure" said Hannah.

"I see a fairy with a pom pom bag, wings and rainbow magic."

"Hello" said the fairy, "do you want me to take you home? What I'll do is sprinkle some fairy dust and I will show you the way home," and she did.

Ten minutes later they could see home. When home they said "bye", the fairy said "bye" and they all lived happily ever after.

The end

The magic scarf ... by Agnes

My name is Valerie Xzing (the X is silent). I’m eleven years old and I live with my Grandma Ethel since my parents died in a car accident. I’m a girl but not just any normal girl. I’ll tell you the story that turned my boring eleven year old life upside-down.

It was a stormy day in the middle of winter. I was sitting down and reading my favourite book ‘Harry Potter and the goblet of fire’. “Valerie, I need to go shopping, and you’re coming with me,” said Grandma Ethel. “I would let Faye your babysitter look after you but she still has tonsillitis. Silly girl, she shouldn’t be hanging around anyone who has tonsillitis.” I laughed quietly to myself because I was the one that Faye got it from. Grandma’s the silly one!

As Grandma and I were walking to the grocery store I spotted a scarf that was pink, grey and purple with little pink pom-poms on it. I really wanted it. “Gran, can I get that scarf? It’s really pretty and it will also keep me nice and warm”, I asked my Grandma. “I don’t know, that shop looks a bit strange to me.” She said in a worried voice. “Oh please, please, please can I get it”, I plead. My Grandma sighed and gave me some money. I ran off forgetting to thank her. I pushed open the door and a little bell rang as I stepped inside. I see an old lady behind the counter. I walk up to her. I pointed to the pink, grey and purple scarf. “Can I buy that scarf in the shop window?” The old lady stepped away from the counter, showing her scrawny legs. She certainly took her time getting the scarf. “That will be $20”, the old lady said in a wheezy voice once she finally got to the counter. “You know that scarf could hold magic powers. You never know with the things in this store”, the old woman added as I give her the money. I hurried out of the shop a little bit scared by what the old lady said.        

I lay down in my bed, awake, staring at my pet galah Snowflakes. “HELLO”, he screeched, spreading his wings. “Shush, Snowflakes”, I whisper. There was a flashing light in the hallway. What was it? I got out of my bed and followed the light. It led me to my scarf, which was lying on the floor. I picked it up and examined it. “Nothing unusual”, I thought. I put it on and I went back to my room and looked at Snowflakes. Before my eyes, Snowflakes turned into a beautiful bird made of glimmering ice. I gasped. And it looked like there was a barrier protecting Snowflakes from something. Then I realised that of course, it’s to protect the ice from the sun! I sat down on the floor, thinking of all the amazing things I could do with this magic scarf.

I woke up to find myself curled up in a ball on the floor. Memories of last night came rushing through my head. I picked up the scarf and put it on and looked at a doll Grandma had given me. I hated that doll. I stared at its plastic eyes and it turned into ice and melted. “Huh” I say. I realised then that the scarf turns things I love into ice with protective barriers, and it melts things I hate.

“What is that little girl doing with that scarf, Gumball”, Willow says to her dog while watching me melting things and turning things into ice. Willow lives in the house across the road. “WOOF” Gumball barks, “You’re right Gumball, the scarf must have magic powers. We have to steal it. You know how much I love the cold weather.”

I walk into the kitchen to find some pancakes and a note from Grandma: Good morning Valerie. I’ve gone to the gym as usual, help yourself to some pancakes. Love Grandma Ethel.

I quickly eat my pancakes and get ready to go for a walk. I leave the house forgetting to lock the door. I also leave my scarf behind because I am scared that I will turn someone into ice.

“Hmm, looks like they have both left the house" says Willow, while staring from her bedroom window, watching Valerie walk down the street. "This is the perfect time to steal the scarf Gumball.” Willow gets dressed, walks across the road to Valerie’s house and quietly opens the gate. Her heels clip-clop on the cobblestone as she walks to the front door. The door is unlocked. She sneaks around the house to Valerie’s bedroom. The scarf is on the bedside table. Grabbing it, Willow rushes across the road back to her house.

When I get back from my walk Grandma’s at home watching some TV. I walk into the living room. “Hi Gran” I say. “Where have you been?”, she asks casually. “I just went on a walk”, I answer, but Grandma seems to be more interested in what’s on TV than me so I go back to my room. The scarf’s gone! I look everywhere but there is no sign of it. Now I’m worried. I grab my notebook and a pen, run out  onto the street and go up and down the street door-knocking, asking my neighbours if they’ve seen anyone wearing a pink, grey and purple scarf with pink pom-poms. Just when I was about to give up someone tells me “I saw that lady across the road from you holding the exact same scarf you’re talking about.” That was all the information I needed. I walk back to my house and into my room to figure out a plan to get my scarf back.  

When I hear Grandma snoring, I jump out of my bed already dressed and get my torch. I quietly walk out of the house and across the road to Willow’s house. I try to open the front gate, but it won’t budge. I try climbing it but there are big spikes on top. Then I see a gap between the gate and the fence that I might be able to fit through. I squeeze through and it works! Suddenly I hear growling. I look down to see a little dog. The dog starts barking. I squeeze back out to the other side of the fence. “I need something to distract it” I say to myself.  Then I remember the piece of meat Grandma bought earlier today that we were going to have for dinner tomorrow. “Aha, I can use that big piece of meat”, I say to myself. "I could get the piece of meat that we’re having for dinner tomorrow” I run back to my house and open the fridge. Right in front of me is a big steak wrapped in glad-wrap. I take the steak and walk back to Willow’s house. This time, before I squeeze through the gap I throw the steak over the fence. When I get through the gap the dog is already chewing on the steak.

I try to open the front door, I look around. There is a gate leading to the back garden. It’s open. I walk through the gate to the back door. Holding my breath, I twist the door handle. I’m in luck, the back door opens. I calmly walk inside the house and turn on my torch and flick the torch light around the room. I’m in the kitchen. I keep flicking the torch light around and then I spot something pink on a little table. I pick it up. It’s my scarf! Suddenly, “BANG!”, a door somewhere in the house slams shut. I hear creaking floorboards. Someone is walking around the house. A shadowy figure appears, coming ever closer. In a panic now, I quickly hide under the little table as the figure comes into view. The figure stops right beside me. I can hear it breathing. “Who’s there”, it growls. “I know you’re there”. At this point I’m scared witless. Clutching the scarf, I make a dash for the back door, run to the fence, out through the gap as if my life depended on it. “I will get that scarf back don’t you worry!” I hear a distant voice say, as I run across the road, home.

Next morning, I wake up at 10:00am. I’m still super tired after what happened the night before.
“Valerie, where are you. You haven’t been up this late since that sleepover you had”,  my Grandma says crossly. Grandma is standing right beside my bed. “Valerie, do you know where the piece of meat we were going to have tonight is?” Her voice sounds a bit cross.

“Grandma, it’s a long story...”, I say.


Nature fantasy ... by Sofia

I found one! The most beautiful fairy right in front of my eyes,
waving its wings like it was trying to fly up to the sky that was as clear as rice.
With a lot of magic in its hand,
and a quick gesture with its wand,
its feet gracefully landed on the soft grass,
that is when I finally saw that her eyes looked as easy to break as glass.
I took it in my palm,
it looked so calm.

On my walk to my granny´s house,

I couldn´t even hear a mouse.
All I could think about,
was I wanted to shout,
I wanted to shout that I had found a fairy to anyone who heard,
but I knew the existence of fairies shouldn´t be shared,
well, that was what a fairy once told me,
that fairy also told me her name was Amy.

“Granny, I found a fairy today”

she looked as fragile as hay,
my hand stretched out to show her,
“I always find fairies in summer,
but this year I am finding them in winter,
although they are very rare”
at that comment she went very white,
as if she wasn´t feeling alright.

The next day it was snowing,

but I hated not exploring.
So I went outside,
I kept thinking that my granny was sick but I always pushed the thought aside.
With snowflakes brushing my face,
I kept walking quickly like it was a race.
Finally I found an elf on the ground,
just looking around.
With some pom poms on top of its hat,
it looked like a green cat.

So once again I took the unusual creature in my hand,

that is when I noticed what it had on its neck - a tiny green band.
I kept on looking,
then suddenly the most amazing and magical creature was in front of me - the angel king.
It looked so beautiful with all that snow on its nose,
so I thought he probably knows,
so I asked him why my granny was so pale yesterday,
yesterday was a normal day,
although I did find a fairy,
but she shouldn´t worry.

The magic jumper ... by Jemima

Brrrr it’s freezing - I can’t believe Winter has arrived.

I wake up to hear the loud noise of my alarm clock, a hand-me-down from my mum which came from her mum. I didn’t want that alarm clock but my mum gets up extra early and works the whole day 6am to 9pm, so I need something to wake me and I can’t afford a new one.

But wait, I’m late! I guess I slept through my first alarm. I throw on my clothes. Oh no! My favourite jumper is in the wash and I don’t have time to wash it so I’ll just have to wear the jumper my mum knitted me. It’s the one with the bird on the back and it has wide wings and pom poms on the rim. I’m so embarrassed - Why today? Why?

I run outside and grab my bike (well my mum’s bike, she catches the tram on Fridays). I race to school and just make it in time for our first lesson. I try to cover my jumper as much as possible.

The day goes by so quickly and the next I know, I’m on the school front steps quickly grabbing my bike. I cycle home without stopping except at the lights, maybe a bit too fast because I hit a rock and snowflakes cover me… WHAT? It doesn’t even snow in Australia (at least not where I live!) I’ve ever actually touched snow. I search through my bag to find my gloves. It’s even colder then before - and that was cold!

I get up off the ground and it's snowing everywhere. I can’t see my way home, this is going to be tricky. I’m lost. I see a lonely tree all by itself covered in snow. Moving quickly towards it, trying not to get caught in the blizzard, I get to the tree and shut my eyes. For a funny moment I start thinking that I’m floating. I open my eyes and I am floating.

Oh My God!!! My jumper with the bird on the back, it’s wings are fluttering. That’s what’s making me fly. I am getting the hang of things when BANG! I hit the floor. That’s strange - I was so high and when I fell I didn’t feel any pain? Oh that’s right, the pom poms and the snow make it a soft landing. I stand up and try again but I keep falling. I try again and again but it’s not working. I think about my mum - she’s probably thinking I would be home by now. But it’s not my fault if I’m late, I can’t see my way home. How could this just happen? It’s magic!

I start floating up again. This is my last shot and I need to get it right. I start flying to the side. YAY! It’s working. But I still can’t see my way home. But then I realise there are no houses or schools or shops - nothing - just nothing, only the lonely tree. "Where am I?" I shout and see a figure that I hope will save me.

The figure comes closer and closer. It’s the only thing I see besides the lonely tree. The figure is alone. Then I see it clearly - it’s a little girl with a small dress covered with snowflakes. "Hello dear you seem lost?" she says. "As a matter of fact I am lost and was wondering if you could help me find my way. I was riding my bike and it hit a rock and snowflakes covered me and then I started to float and my jumper was making me…"

"Whoa, slow down dear you are talking way to fast. Wait, did you say jumper?"

"Yeah, it was making me fly. I think it might be magical"

"It can’t be, but maybe it is…"

"Is what?" I ask.

"A long time ago, there was this magic jumper with pom poms on the rim and a bird with wide wings, It’s just like that jumper but it went missing."

"Well it can’t be because my mum knitted it, or did she?"

"Well dear, you better come with me. The only person who can prove it is the Master - he knows everything."

We walk until we find a small little Kingdom. "This is where the Master lives and all the other workers" says the girl.

The gate opens and we go inside. "May I ask you what your name is?" I ask the girl.

"Well my nickname is ‘Pinkie’ because I'm the smallest worker so you can just call me that."

When we reach a big door, two guards look at Pinkie and open the gates. "Only the workers and the guards can go in the Master’s room" she says in a whisper. "You have to be quiet because the Master hates loud noise."

In front of us we see a throne with a tall person sitting in it. "I have something to show you." says Pinkie.

"WHAT?!" he booms.

"I found a girl lost and she has a magical jumper. We were wondering if it’s the one that went missing".

"Hmmm" he stands up and examines it. "It sure looks like the real thing. Does it fly?"

"Yes" I say.

"Well the only jumper to fly is that one you have so it’s the jumper that went missing. You are a very lucky young lady and this jumper needs to be shared with the world."

"But how?" I ask.

"You’ll find a way."

I was confused. I didn't know how to share it with the world, hopefully I can find a way. Pinkie and I leave the room and go outside.

"Do you need help finding your home?" Pinkie asks.

"I’ll manage." I say.

"Ok, it was nice meeting you" says Pinkie.

I run to the tree and pick up my bike. I start riding home and strangely hit the same rock again. Next I’m lying on the footpath. "That was strange" I say puzzled.

I see the familiar houses and quickly ride home to mine. My mum’s home and after giving her a big hug, I ask, "Mum can I donate my knitted jumper?"

"Sure", mum says, "maybe it’s time for another kid to experience the magic!"

She must have known all along.

It's good to be different ... by Rose

I close my eyes.

I imagine a winter wonderland as I sit listening to the Frozen soundtrack on my pineapple retro headphones. "I love imagining" I say to my best friend Riley or ‘Pom Pom’ as I like to call her.

After school we sit waiting for the bus, with me in my ruffled school dress and my polka dot socks and Riley in her wacky poncho covered with pom poms (now you know how she got her nickname!), overlaying her sports uniform with a deer brooch.

I think to myself, "I understand why people think we’re weird, we wear daggy outdated clothes and I tell people things that I imagine which of course they think is a whole lot of nonsense". You see, I wish that people could understand me. I know my best friend Riley is always there for me but half the time even she tells me to stop imagining and to get on with life. It also doesn’t help being the only girl in the family.

After what seems like forever, the bus finally arrives. We both find our seats and then watch people with their heads buried in their phones. Then something catches my eye. A woman unravels her hand crocheted scarf to reveal a strange object. I whisper something to Riley and we both get off at the same stop as the woman. You may be thinking ‘STALKER!’ but let me explain. This woman looks like she has the same taste that Riley and I have and there’s something special about her. Something that is different. Unique. So that’s why we follow her and by the way you’d probably do the same if you were in our situation.

When we reach what seems to be her house, we see the woman use the strange object to unlock the door. "Why doesn’t she just use keys like everyone else?" I whisper. "I don’t know" says Riley with a tone in her voice that makes me kind of frightened.

When the door swings open with a loud creak we both jump and then work up the nerve to go inside, being very quiet so that the woman doesn’t hear us.

"OMG!" I squeal forgetting to contain my excitement. Riley turns to nudge me but it’s too late. The woman has heard and has spun around on her heel with an expression that surprises me. It’s a cheery and bubbly expression, a look like she’d just won a million dollars.

And so is mine. Even though I’m kind of shocked about her finding us, I’m surprised because this house isn't just an ordinary one painted with white walls, timber floorboards, updated kitchen and an en suite. This is a one of a kind.

"It’s a retro 50’s style house. Everything we’ve dreamed of right here. No modern day pretty, in style house that all the popular and cute girls think that’s hot right now. What don’t you get?" I say to Riley.

"I get it Sam." says Riley. "It’s just I follow the rules of my parents. I don’t just barge into peoples houses like we did just then. I respect and care for other peoples properties."

"I don’t think you’re barging into my property" says the woman in a kind tone.

"Didn’t you read the sign?"

"What sign" I say turning towards Riley with a confused expression.

"The sign on the front veranda that says ‘All welcome to the wacky & bright" the woman replies.

I’m kind of freaking out because I’ve never met a lady who’s as calm as she is. I want to ask how, but I can’t work up the nerve.

"What if some stranger comes in, what would happen then?" asks Riley.

"No one ever comes, they think I’m the weird one and they don’t bother talking. Too busy minding their own boring lives I guess" says the woman in a sad tone.

"Well guess what, we don’t think your weird we think your cool just like us" I say to the woman.

"And this place is like magic, I don’t know anyone who could resist magic" Riley chirps in.

"You think so?" asks the woman.

"Yeah, truly" I say.

"I’d love for you to stay, but won’t your parents be worried?" asks the woman again.

"No because Riley’s staying at my place for the night, and my dad thinks we’re going shopping. Plus my dad doesn’t care where we go anyway" I say thinking about my family.

So we go inside and drink a nice cup of hot chocolate.

There are so many things on the walls. There are homemade blankets embroidered with butterflies with the most colourful wings, leather couches, stuffed birds, checked floors, juke boxes, and snowflakes stuck on the walls to make it look like Narnia.

"This would be a lovely place to live in" I say to the woman as she comes in bringing a plate full of cookies.

"It is dear, but it’s better right at 4 o’clock because then the whole room becomes magical and everything comes alive" she says.

"Really?" I ask.

"Yes really, but only if you imagine" says the woman.

"I told you imagining was good" I say trying to tease Riley.

"Like I would of known" Riley says poking her tongue out at me.

"Anyway" says the woman, "it’s nearly 4 o’clock now so you better start imagining!"

We all close our eyes. I can see Riley struggling but I think "She’ll get used to it," so I stop looking at others and start concentrating on myself.

Suddenly the whole room lights up with a twinkling sound that’s hard to get over. Everything starts to come alive and then I hear music. I see people dancing and having a great time. I feel like I’m in ‘Teen Beach Movie’ because everything looks just like that.

The woman says "What are you waiting for? Let’s party!"

So we all start to dance, meet new people, and have a great time.

Eventually, everything starts to disappear and fade away until all that’s left is the woman’s house. Before we know it, it’s time to go so we say our goodbyes to the woman.

Suddenly I realise that Riley and I don’t know the woman’s name so I ask, "Excuse me, would you mind telling us your name?"

The woman replies "You don’t need to know my name and I don’t need to know yours, all that matters is that we know each other’s personalities and what we have in common".

"What? So names don’t matter to you, it’s the imagination that counts?" Riley asks.

"Exactly my dear" the woman replies.

"You know what, that’s exactly right" both Riley and I say in complete unison.

"You’ve learnt something, haven’t you?" the woman says.

"I think we have" I reply with an expression on my face that shows that I’m sad to go.

So we end up leaving and I say to Riley, "I don’t care if others think I’m weird. I’m going to stand up for what I believe in just like what that woman does, because I know that imagining is a great form of magic".

Riley agrees.

Minecraft World ... by Mikayla

I opened my eyes and I couldn’t believe what I saw, I was in Minecraft! It was a cold winter’s day, with snowflakes falling around me. I was happy and excited, I didn’t know what to do first. Minecraft was a very weird place. Everything, including me, was made of 3D blocks in all different colors. It was very strange to see myself made of 3D blocks…I knew what I had to do first, I needed to build a house to be safe from the monsters. I built with brick blocks, diamond blocks, and dirt blocks. It was fun to make but it took a long time and it was tiring, so I took a nap on the couch and went to sleep.

When I woke up I realised that I wasn’t in my house I was in somebody else’s house! I didn’t know whose house it was, so I panicked. Suddenly something even worse was happening, hundreds of little pom-poms were coming towards me. When they got very close I realised they were actually four-legged green monsters in disguise. I knew these monsters were called creepers because I have played Minecraft before. I also knew that creepers blow up when they get close to you. Before I knew it, one of the creepers had gotten close to me and then, BOOM, it blew up. 

As the blast went off I felt myself falling through the air. I landed with a thump. I found myself in a very dark and quiet place. I was relieved I had survived the creepers blast and was safe from them but then I heard a scary noise. I didn’t know where it was coming from. I thought the place was a mine so I started to dig my way out. I wasn’t strong enough so I tried to find another way out. I asked myself ‘how did I get from my comfy bed to here?’ I closed my eyes and wished the magic that got me into Minecraft would get me out again. When I opened my eyes I was out of the mine but not Minecraft. I needed to find a way out of Minecraft and back home. 

The winter’s air was getting colder and snowflakes had started to fall gently on my face. I was getting cold. I walked and walked until I found a strange box that was green and white. I thought it was called an end-portal. I climbed up on top of the portal and it transported me inside. The first thing I saw was a huge dragon! The dragon was purple and had very big wings, it was very scary. I walked back slowly, and said to myself ‘I shouldn’t have come in here’. The dragon came closer and closer until IT ATE ME!! I was inside a dragon…. it was not fun. I didn’t know how I could get out, it was dark and scary in there. Snowflakes had begun to fall on the dragon’s nose, just as he went to lick one off his nose I jumped right out of his open mouth. He was so big and I was so small that he didn’t even notice me jump out and creep away. 

I didn’t know where I was, I knew I’d gone into the end-portal but what did that mean? I looked and looked but I couldn’t see anything so I walked until I found a little shop, inside was a big strong-looking man sleeping. He was snoring very loudly, and the shop was a mess. I accidentally stepped on one of the cereal boxes and the man woke up. He was very angry; he walked closer and closer until he was in front of me towering over me. He asked me if I wanted his shop because he didn’t want it anymore. I said “” because I was scared, but I shouldn’t have because he told me I had to keep it. I didn’t want to own a shop, I wanted to get back into my comfy bed, but there was no escape now because he had locked me in. I shouted and screamed but no one could hear me, I tried again and again but still no one could hear me. 

I pushed on the front door a thousand times and I finally got out, but the guy was still there so I had to stay hidden. After a few minutes he went away, but that meant I had to walk until I found something again and so that’s what I did. I found a small house that looked like the one I had built when I first entered Minecraft. It was mine! I walked inside and found another person inside. She was small and friendly, she asked me why I was in her house. I said to her that it wasn’t her house it was mine. She looked confused and wandered off. 

After the girl left my house I realised she had put a crafting table inside. I went closer to it and touched it, just at that time I remembered that if you touch a crafting table you can make things. I made a sword with a stick and two oak wood planks. I was desperate to get out of Minecraft and back home. I didn’t know if it would work, but I tried to break my way out of Minecraft with my sword. I found a wall and I started to hit it with my sword, some of it broke but the rest didn’t. I wasn’t getting anywhere, I felt so frustrated that I sat down and started to cry. I always imagined that it would be so much fun to be in Minecraft, but it was just hard. I noticed snowflakes falling again, but this time they were sparkly and glimmering. I wondered if they were magic. I closed my eyes and made a wish, I had never wished that hard before.

I opened my eyes and I was in my very comfy bed at last. I looked out the window and saw snowflakes falling, but I couldn’t figure out if it had all been a dream or it had really happened. All I knew was that I was safe and I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to play Minecraft again.