Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Patterns of reading

The St Kilda Lightning Readers club had a discussion in October about patterns of reading and posed the question:

"Do you read a book to the end or do you stop if you’re not enjoying it?"

Jonathon – reads to the end –  "it’s ‘like a duty’"

Noah – reads to the end too – "one part may be bad but one part might be good"

Antonia – reads to the end of the 2nd last chapter – if that’s okay she keeps going but if it isn’t she puts it back on the shelf, but if it’s really bad straight away she will still read halfway through it before she gives up

Oliver – reads to the end – he feels like he has to finish

Max – "if I don’t like it I usually put it down for about 3 weeks then I might read it again or switch books"

Oriana – "if I don’t like a book halfway through then I pick up another book – then maybe I might pick it up again and somehow it is good again."

Lily – "if I don’t like what I’m reading I’ll skip ahead and if it gets better I will read it."

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