Thursday, December 15, 2011

St Kilda reviews for December

Ruby Redfort : look into my eyes by Lauren Child - reviewed by Ally

Ruby’s a 13 year old girl and she gets into a spy agency. She’s the code cracker in the agency. The spy agency knows there’s going to be a robbery in the bank but actually they're just doing that to distract the people so they can steal the jade buddha that has come all the way from China. If you stare into its eyes at the stroke of midnight it will halve your age and double your wisdom.
Rated:  5 reallys

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon - reviewed by Charlie 

It's about a 15 year old who understands maths but not human beings. If he sees five red cars, it’s going to be a good day, but five yellow cars means it won’t be.

Rated:  5 reallys - "My mum read it and suggested that I read it - she enjoyed it a lot. I thought it was good, the best of the best."

Winter's shadow by M. J. Hearle - reviewed by Georgia

It’s about a girl called Winter who goes out to an old church to take some photos for a newspaper. She takes a photo of an old guy in a graveyard. The church collapses and a beam falls on her. She is knocked out. There is a boy who lives in a haunted house where there is something dangerous upstairs behind a door. The boy is called Blake and he helps her.

Rated: 5 reallys - "I loved it, it had a really good ending. There is another one coming, a sequel."

A little history of the world by E. H. Gombrich - reviewed by Noah

A very good book. Gives you a lot of information about the history of the world, about life, Vikings, Egypt, the Turks, Chinese, the age of gunpowder.

Rated: 5 reallys - "Dad bought it and read it and then gave it to me to read. If you are looking for non-fiction then I really recommend it."

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