Friday, May 11, 2012

May reviews from St Kilda

The billionaire’s trilogy by Richard Newsome - reviewed by Jack

Has read the first and second books in the trilogy so far and "they are both really exciting."

It’s about 3 kids - Gerald, Sam and Ruby. Gerald Wilkins becomes the richest 13 year old in the world. His great grandma, called Geraldine, dies and he inherits 20 thousand million pounds. He goes on an adventure to find the most valuable diamond in the world called Noor Gehan. He has an enemy called Sir Mason Green.

Rated:  4.99 reallys

100 cupboards by N. D. Wilson - reviewed by Georgia

It’s about a boy who moves in with his uncle because his parents have been kidnapped. At his uncle’s house he finds 99 cupboards on the wall. His grandpa had died the year before. His grandpa’s door is locked and won’t open. The cupboards lead to different worlds. A good easy read.

Rated:  4 reallys

Alice in Wonderland - (the 1000 page version!) - by Lewis Carroll - reviewed by Cassidy

Really good.

Rated: 4.5 reallys

Erebos by Ursula Poznanski - reviewed by Oriana

Really good. It’s about a boy called Nick and a game called Erebos, which is going around the school. Nick becomes addicted and sometimes the game asks him to do things out of school. It is really cool, you don’t know what’s going to happen next. You only get one chance to play the game, and he gets kicked out of the game. There is artificial intelligence and aliens. Exciting.

Rated: 5 reallys

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer - reviewed by Lucy

Still enjoying it. It's about Bella who is getting hunted by Victoria. Victoria is seeking revenge because her boyfriend was Victoria’s lover and her friend killed Victoria’s friend who wanted revenge on Bella. Edward and Bella make a deal that he will bite her soon.

Rated:  4.5 reallys

Immi by Karin Littlewood - reviewed by Charlotte

A girl named Immi lives out in the snow with no one around. She breaks a hole in the ice and goes fishing for supper and ends up pulling up a little wooden bird and she has never seen anything as colourful. Immi takes the bird home and connects it to her necklace. She puts the line down again and gets a flower and takes it home to her igloo.

Rated:  3.2 reallys

Ruby Redfort by Lauren Child - reviewed by Lily

Her family gets a new butler who does weird things like looking closely at toast like he is examining it. All the furniture gets stolen and they keep getting hang up calls. They get given a code over the phone and she gets invited to go to a secret agency. She passes the test and becomes a secret agent. The agency’s main rule is “don’t blab”.

Rated:  5 reallys

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