Thursday, October 24, 2013

Reviews from St Kilda for October

The edge chronicles by Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell - reviewed by Jack

There are 9 books in the series - this review focuses mainly on nos. 4, 5, 6 - but the first three in the series are about a boy called Quint and his adventures.

The next three in the series are about when he is grown up, and about his son Twig.

In the fourth book Twig has been brought up by a family of wood trolls who are about a metre high, short and fat with big pudgy noses and their hair sticks up. Twig finds out he is not actually a wood troll but was just abandoned there by (who knows, he doesn’t know in this book).

He is about 7/8’s of the way through the fourth book where he meets his father. In the fifth book they go storm chasing. Sanctaphrax is a floating giant city which needs some stormphrax (pure lightning) to weigh it down.

In the sixth book Quint's father has been consumed by the mother storm that rolls in about every 1000 years or so. This storm gives birth to Riverrise and Sanctaphrax is in the way so the mother storm will waste all her energy destroying Sanctaphrax and won’t give birth to Riverrise ever again. So Twig loses his memory in the storm and he has to travel to Riverrise so his memory can be jogged back into action. When he remembers that Sanctaphrax is going to be destroyed he has to travel back to Sanctaphrax in a matter of hours but he can’t do that on the sky pirate ship or on a sky ship because (1) it won’t be fast enough, and (2) because he doesn’t have one so he can go by Skyfiring, which is a sky pirate punishment in which they tie you to a log, aim the log at the sky and set fire to it and it goes up forever but he doesn’t aim it up to the sky so he gets back to Sanctaphrax in a matter of hours.

He has to run to the middle of Undertown, which is under Sanctaphrax and he has to let Sanctaphrax go free.

I think it’s a really, really good series that could be enjoyed by all over 7. It’s action packed and there are many close calls which make it very exciting.

Rated: 4.9 reallys – "it could do with a little more romance!"

The frog princess by E.D. Baker - reviewed by Olivia

It's about this girl called Princess Emeralda. She goes down to the swamp and meets a frog, whose name is Prince Eadric. The next day when she comes back to the swamp she decides she will kiss him. The day before the frog had asked for a kiss so he could turn back into a human but she turns into a frog, then she has to learn to hop properly and how to catch flies. They go in search of a witch who put the spell on Prince Eadric. They think they find her but it isn’t the right one and she captures them and puts them in a cage.

They meet all the others that she has captured because she wants to make a potion with them. They meet a bat called Lil Stinker, a snake called Fang and 3 spiders called Eanie, Meanie and mo. Then Emma (Princess Emeralda) casts her own spell which unlocks all the cages so all the animals escape. Lil Stinker, Princess Emeralda and Prince Eadric try to find the princess's aunt who is a witch and on the way they meet Fang who helps them back to the castle.

Rated: 4.8 reallys - "A really good book."

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