Friday, October 24, 2014

The ancient bees of Egypt ... by Melisand

Ding, ding, ding rang the school bell. A surge of children ran out of the Maroon Place Primary School doors to their holidays. it had been a long and tiring term at MPPS!

Inside the classroom of 3F, the teachers of 3F and 2C, Mr Strict and Mrs Proudlove, were having a discussion about their naughty classes.

"They're uncontrollable," complained Mrs Proudlove. "And there is no convincing them to be otherwise..." she sighed. Mr Strict nodded sadly in agreement but was unable to say anything because he had lost his voice being cross at his pupils! He fumbled in his desk drawer and took out a pocket edition of 'The School Teachers' Guide to Ancient Egypt: Tips and Tricks', opened the book to Chapter 11 and gestured to Mrs Proudlove to read.

"Chapter 11, Naughty School Children," she began. "If you are a teacher with a very disobedient class - well, that sounds like us - seek the wisdom of the Ancient Bees of Egypt from the reign of Tutankhamun (1136-1327 BC) in the 18th dynasty of Egypt."

While Mrs Proudlove was reading Mr Strict had had a glass of water and recovered his voice a little.

"Perhaps this is the solution to our problem," he whispered hoarsely, "and coincidently, I know how to travel back in time! Only yesterday I bought a packet of seeds to grow Time Tulips, flowers which contain time travelling pollen..."

"Yes, yes," interrupted Mrs Proudlove impatiently. "Less talking, more doing please... let's get planting" and she punched the air with excitement!

Early the next morning, Mr Strict strode out to his veggie patch to see if the flowers had sprouted. To his surprise the flowers were already 30cm tall! He picked them all quickly and ran next door to Mrs Proudlove's house where she was waiting expectantly.

"Gather your belongings Mrs Proudlove," he called to her. "We are ready to leave."

Following the instructions on the packet of seeds, the pair threw the flowers in the air, breathed in and out (deeply, of course) and shouted "To 1332 BC!"

"Wow, that was quick!" exclaimed Mrs Proudlove, looking around and finding herself only seconds later in ancient Egypt.

Mr Strict consulted his pocket guide, "According to 'The School Teachers' Guide to Ancient Egypt'," he explained, "we have to find a signpost that points us towards the olive grove where the Ancient Bees of Egypt's hive is."

"Well that seems easy enough," thought Mrs Proudlove out loud, but then she looked up at the signpost in front of her. "They're written in hieroglyphs!" she groaned. "How are we ever going to find the Ancient Bees?"

But Mr Strict had ignored her and started to stride away searching purposefully for a signpost that looked like it might lead to the bees. He hurried along the empty, dusty streets (more like paths) with Mrs Proudlove trotting behind him.

"Look, there!" Mr Strict exclaimed hopefully. He had spotted a sign which showed an hourglass and a bee.

Mrs Proudlove was so aflutter with the thought that she might finally be able to get her students to behave politely that she danced a jig! However, Mr Strict was studying his guide, searching for the chapter on hieroglyphs. He read that an hour glass could mean many things including time, clock, watch era or ancient and that a bee means honey, hive or bee.

"Mrs Proudlove," called Mr Strict, "this is the way to the Ancient Bees. Come on!" Mrs Proudlove stopped dancing immediately and trotted after Mr Strict.

A short time later they came to the olive grove. "Here we are," said Mr Strict cheerfully, "that wasn't far at all!" But, before he could knock (because that seemed to be the polite thing to do) 38 bees flew out of the hive with three giant bees leading.

"We are the Ancient Bees of Egypt!" buzzed the first giant bee.

"I'm Jay," said the second, "and this is Jim... and Jerry."

"Greetings school teachers!" said Jerry welcomingly (as only troubled teachers seek the Ancient Bees).

"... and what can we do for you?" added Jim.

" know, w...we are t...teachers," stuttered Mrs Proudlove timidly, "and we both have very naughty classes..."

"We have come for your advice," interrupted Mr Strict.

"We have the perfect solution," said Jay.

"Jerry, please go and fetch two Sacred Baskets of Goodies," instructed Jim.

Jerry quickly returned with the two baskets full of treats.

"When you return to your school place one of these Sacred Baskets on your desk ..." began Jerry.

"You'll be amazed at the improvement in behaviour ... and every time a student is good reward them with a treat," finished Jay.

"But what if the treats run out?" questioned Mrs Proudlove (who was now less nervous about the giant, talking bees around her).

"The Sacred Baskets of Goodies never run out!" answered the bees together.

Despite being very pleased with the baskets the teachers still looked concerned.

"We are very grateful for your help, but unfortunately we have no way of returning to our time," said Mrs Proudlove.

"Where and when do you need to return to?" asked Jim.

"Maroon Place Primary School in the year 2014 please," requested Mr Strict.

With that the Ancient Bees swarmed around and around the teachers' heads until they found themselves back in the 21st Century.

When the school term began Mrs Proudlove and Mr Strict set the baskets to work. The Sacred Baskets of Goodies, as if by magic, turned the classes from rascals to angels ... and just like the bees promised, as the happy teachers handed out treats to their now angelic students more treats appeared in their place.

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