Thursday, September 17, 2015

St Kilda reviews for September

Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce - reviewed by Jackson

It’s about a twelve year-old boy called Liam Digby who lives in Waterloo Crescent and goes to primary school. He is unusually tall for his age. He goes to the doctor because he’s worried about how tall he is, but the doctor tells him not to worry, everyone else at school will go through a growth spurt over summer and will catch up to him. Everyone did grow over summer, but so did Liam. People start to think Liam is a lot older than he is. For example, people tell him he shouldn’t be using the School gate, because it’s reserved for kids.

Liam starts to find that his height has some benefits. He and his best friend Florida (who is really short) can get into places, like clubs. Liam even pretends to be a buyer for a Porsche! But as he’s literally sitting in the Porsche, his dad rocks up. There’s this company called DRAX, (nothing to do with Dracula) they make mobile phone apps. Liam fills out a survey competition DRAX runs. The last question is about being a parent. Liam is a finalist BUT he’s supposed to have a child, he was pretending to be a dad for the last question of the survey. The major prize is to get to orbit around the moon, but in order to win his spot Liam has to try and convince the organisers that Florida is his daughter.

Rated:  4/5 reallys - "Very interesting, but lost a 'really' because the long middle bit dragged it out."

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie - reviewed by Nessa

Detective Hercule Poirot is travelling to Istanbul. He gets to a spot where he’ll need to change trains, but then he gets a call from a client. He must go back immediately because there’s a case at home. He embarks on the Orient Express, first class. He meets the man in the carriage next to him, a millionaire named Mr Ratchett. Ratchett asks Poirot if he will work for him. He has been getting threatening letters. Poirot refuses and returns to his carriage. But the night is disrupted by a woman’s scream, and in the morning Mr Ratchett is found with a deadly stab wound.

Rated:  4.7/5 reallys - "Took a while to get into... for 10 years and older."

Cupid cakes by Fiona Dunbar - reviewed by Ruth

It’s about this girl Lulu who owns a star in the sky. She has a book called the Apple Star which is a magical recipe book. Even though the book is supposed to be a secret she tells her best friend Frenchy about it. A bad, evil woman and her evil son want to take the book from her. The woman used to be Lulu’s step mum! Frenchy suggests that to protect the book they should try and get Frenchy’s mum and her Dad together, before the evil woman gets involved.

I think this is the second book in the series.

Rated:  4.999/5 reallys - "Really good, clever and funny!"

To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee - reviewed by Louise

The story is set in the 1930s and is told from the perspective of a girl, Scout Finch. All this stuff happens but the most important thing is that Scout’s dad who is a lawyer, defends a black man, Tom Robinson. It was so racist in the 1930s in America. Scout has a brother named Jem Finch. One summer a boy named Dill comes to stay with them. Over this one summer they see what happens with Tom Robinson.

Rated:  5/5 reallys - "It made me feel really angry."

The Floods : better homes and gardens by Colin Thompson - reviewed by Ollie

This is the eighth book in the series. So what’s happening so far is that the Floods have returned to Transylvanian waters. The Castle is covered in sticky tape and they aren’t sure if anyone is living there so they use this gadget to find out if there is any life in there. There is one person - Aunty Mole! Things aren’t great though, all they find to eat in the castle is cabbage and brussel sprouts! Plus they have to deal with an arch nemesis, but Betty is prepared.

Rated:  5/5 reallys

The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo - reviewed by Olivia

A little girl called Hazel has a china bunny, Edward, who she keeps with her all the time, except when she goes to school. She leaves him on a ledge looking out the window when she leaves. One day she and her parents go on a cruise and she takes Edward. Some boys on the ship take him off her and throw him to each other as a game. They end up throwing Edward into the water. This begins Edward’s journey as he meets lots of different people, like a fisherman, a homeless man and a boy with a sick sister. The whole story is told from his perspective.

Rated:  4/5 reallys

The bad beginning : a series of unfortunate events by Lemony Snicket - reviewed by Yuanquan

It’s about these kids Violet, Klaus and Sunny who are very smart and good looking. But their house burns down and their parents are dead. The banker Mr. Poe takes them to his house which is a dump. His kids are there and don’t like sharing. They live there until they go to stay with their legal guardian Count Olaf. Olaf tries to marry Violet because she will eventually be given a large amount of money. But will he succeed?

Rated:  4/5 reallys - "because there wasn't a happy ending."

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