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May reviews from St Kilda

Timmy Failure : Sanitized for your protection by Steven Pastis - reviewed by Spike 

This is the fourth book in the series. I’ve read the rest of them. It’s about this boy who thinks he’s the greatest detective in the world but he isn’t; he’s more on the lower side of a detective. The case is because they think that people have stolen the money for a charity thing for a boy called Yergi Plimkin who needs books. The charity is called Yip Yap and the girl who runs it made a typo - instead of saying $120 it said 12 cents! Timmy Failure went to Chicago to try and find the money and he left the hotel without his mum and dad. He got on this bus and went to a fancy hotel for no reason. When people tried to throw him out because he said these two people were his parents, but they were just two old people. And he said they were there for windsurfing. And when they got back and Timmy Failure thought he’d solved it the girl who ran it said, you see it’s just a typo mistake, if you put the decimal point three places to the right it would make it $120.

Rated: 4.8 reallys - "The ideas are really funny and it’s a really funny book. And at the end the lady who ran the Yip Yap charity said 'we should make a new charity for my bedroom, it’s too small and we’ll call it REAR END' - all the words stand for Remodel Everything and Repurpose Entirely New Dresser."

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson - reviewed by Ruth

It’s a graphic novel. So, it’s in this world which is sort of like medieval times and there’s a bad side and a good side but it’s got more technology. Cos there’s like voice recordings and voice messages and facetime and stuff. And so there’s a side which is good and a side which is bad. There’s Lord Ballister Blackheart who is evil and one of the main characters. There’s an institute called the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics and there’s a director who owns it who is evil but sort of good. It’s quite complicated. Anyway there’s this girl called Nimona she is a shape shifter who can change shape and regrow limbs. She can change into anything and that’s what it’s mainly about. So on the evil side she works for Lord Blackheart and they just have to fight each other and their main aim was to show that the good guys are actually evil. So Nimona shape shifts most of the time. She seems really little compared to everyone else. The good person is called Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin is really into science whereas Nimona is more into magic. Even though Lord Blackheart is really evil and does really evil things he still really doesn’t want to kill people. SO the evil is sort of good and the good is sort of evil. So the good people are sort of the bad guys, and the bad guys are sort of the good guys. It’s a bit confusing. It’s really good.

Rated:  4/5 reallys - "I’m giving it 4 even though it’s really good because some of the aspects are really confusing."

The maze of bones : The 39 clues by Rick Riordan - reviewed by Jaxon

Okay so there’s like this contest so if you decline the challenge you get a million dollars. Or you can burn your million and get a clue to become the most powerful human in the world. So there are four branches to the whole Cahill family. The Cahill family is very special. So right now there’s this girl called Irina Sapzky and she’s from Russia. She put poison needles in her fingertips so that if she scratched somebody they would get poisoned because there is dry poison on the end. So right now they’re in France they just went into a secret base and it’s got a code and I can even tell you the code - it’s 5910. So they just met John Wizard who is famous on this TV show. So these children, called Dan and Amy - their grandmother died and Amy had her jewellery books to remember her by. So also at the secret base there are no guard dogs, no alarms and no security cameras and no alarms went off. So they just went on three railways and it’s a pretty good book.

Rated:  4.5 reallys - "It lost half a point because the book does include sickness and it does include fire getting set on to a coffin which I don’t really like. And also I gave it a half because it’s hilarious, because it said the person’s name the date when they born when they died and then their will said: I’m dead let’s have a party! What does that mean?!"

The Austere Academy : a series of unfortunate events by Lemony Snicket - reviewed by Sophie

It’s about these siblings and there’s this guy called Count Olaf and they have this really big fortune of money and he wants it so he plays all these pranks, well not really pranks pretends to be all these people to get their money and stuff. Also their parents died because he murdered them. So this is the fifth one I think so they’ve transferred to this boarding school and he’s still after the money so he pretends to be their gym teacher and every night he makes them run live a hundred laps or probably more around this little circle so every morning they’re really tired and can’t do their homework. So the vice principle is really mean and he says if you miss one more piece of homework I’m kicking you out of this school. And Count Olaf knows that if they get kicked out of school he can adopt them and steal their fortune….

In this book they make new friends who are also orphans with a fortune.

Rated:  4 reallys - "It’s really good but it’s kind of the same as the other ones and repeats lines a lot."

Ersatz elevator : a series of unfortunate events by Lemony Snicket - reviewed by Rosa

Klaus, Sunny and Violet are adopted by people who live in a penthouse on the top of a very tall building called Dark Avenue. They meet Esme who is obsessed with what’s in and what’s out. –Dark is in. She only adopted them because at the moment orphans are in too. They also meet Jeremy. Jeremy is nice, They go to this auction and Count Olaf is dressed up as the auctioneer. They find out their friends the Quagmire twins have been trapped in an empty elevator.

Rated:  4/5 reallys - "There’s a lot of repetition, but I like the story."

Samurai kids : Monkey fist by Sandy Fussell - reviewed by Ollie

Before the story begins the characters are introduced along with pictures of each. Kyoko is the main feature of this book. She is a white haired girl with twelve fingers and twelve toes. Her animal is the snow monkey. The other characters include Niya, who is one-legged. His animal is the stork. Then there’s Mikko who is the lazy striped gekho, Yoshi who is brave but doesn’t want to fight, Taji the golden bat, Nezume, the loyal, long-tailed rat, Chen the resourceful red fox and Sakito whose animal is the Hokkaido wolf. In this book Kyoko gets kidnapped by Lu Zeng and they have to save her. So they go to Beijing the guards are forced to let them into the forbidden temple because Sensei once fought their master and won. During their quest to find Kyoko they have to play a deadly game of hide and seek and not speak a word!

Rated:  5/5 reallys - "I love most Asian foods and styles!"

To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee - reviewed by Olivia

The book is set in Maycomb, Alabama It’s about a brother and sister called Jem and Scout and their dad Atticus who is a lawyer. Their cousin Dill comes every Summer. No one likes Atticus because he has taken a case to defend a black man. At the beginning of the book Jem breaks his arm. They live next door to the Radleys. The Radleys never come out. Well, Arthur does, but you never see Boo. He is not what he seems. The book explores the mystery of Boo and also Jem and Scout trying to understand the world of their father.

Rated:  5 reallys

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