Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Tickle Monster in Fairy Land ... by Nina

One day Rose went to Grapesparkle's little house. As best fairy friends they had their backpacks all packed and they were all ready to go to the Forest of Frizz.

They waved goodbye to Grapesparkle's mum and off they flew to the Forest of Frizz.

Meanwhile there was this strange looking house with some windows and a door on a bush. The person who lived inside was...

The Tickle Monster, having his breakfast (which was a banana, his favourite fruit) and a cup of dandelion tea... yum, yum...

Rose Fairy and Grapesparkle Fairy arrived at the Forest of Frizz but then, oh no, it started to rain. But luckily Rose was prepared and brought an umbrella.

They walked through the forest and saw the Tickle Monster's house but they didn't know it was his house.

Suddenly the door opened. The Tickle Monster jumped out and said "tickle time" and started tickling the two fairies. They got a big surprise.

The Tickle Monster invited them inside for lunch.

The Tickle Monster served them bananas, blueberries and grapes, followed by radish and beetroot soup, but they didn't really know if they'd like it.

Rose tried hers with salt but it tasted disgusting because obviously fruit does not taste good with salt.

The Tickle Monster wanted to look smart so he put on his top hat. Rose had an idea to give the Tickle Monster a present, but what will it be? A picture of the Queen of the ABC's.

Then they went to the garden to pick some vegetables. The Tickle Monster with his smart top hat came out of the kitchen into the lounge room with some floaty fluff cakes for everyone.

Then they waved goodbye to the Tickle Monster and flew back home.

 The end.

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  1. I loved Nina's story The Tickle Monster In Fairy Land I found it very imaginative and fun.


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