Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 2017 reviews from Albert Park

Alice-Miranda at school by Jacqueline Harvey - reviewed by Emma (aged 10)

Alice-Miranda is the smallest and youngest girl going to boarding school. She has to prove herself to stay at the school by completing a series of impossible tests.There is a mean girl trying to stop her doing her tasks and being at the school. When she went sailing the mean girl cheated by bumping Alice-Miranda. During the camping task, they find a lost man who is the headmistress's long lost husband, which makes the headmistress very happy.

"I rate it 4/5. I recommend it for those 9-11 years old. Its fun but intense, the plot goes quickly." 

A Snicker of magic by Natalie Lloyd - reviewed by Georgia (aged 10) 

Felicity's mum is a traveller. When it rains they move to a different city. She has a sister. They go back to the town where her mother grew up. It used to be "magical", but it is now drained of its magical abilities because of a curse. Felicity meets a new friend, Jonah, who is in a wheelchair. He does kind things and helps her find out about the town. She meets Oliver and Ponder, who run an ice-cream shop with unusual ice-creams. Different flavours make you do something, e.g. lemonade flavour makes you happy, chocolate makes you remember.

"I would rate it 3.75 ice-creams. It's for kids with a creative mind." 

The little white horse by Elizabeth Goudge - reviewed by Miranda (aged 9) 

Maria Merryweather is a teenage orphan. She goes to live with her new guardian, her cousin, in the best place in the world, a paradise called Moonacre Manor. Lots of tragedy happens, no women have stepped inside the manor for 20 years. There is an air of mystery and magic. The first hint of something happening is that they are not allowed to go to the beach. I don't want to say anymore and leave the story open-ended for anyone wanting to read it.

"I rate it infinity out of 5. I didn't understand the words at the beginning. Not really recommended for any particular age group as it is a classic book." 

Weirdo #5: Totally Weird! by Anh Doh - reviewed by Flynn (aged 8) 

Weir Do is going to Camp Kangaroo. A new kid, who is on the blue team, is perfect at everything. Weir Do is on the red team and they have to compete against each other. There are 5 events - 1: setting up of tent..blue team wins; 2: hole digging.. blue team wins again; 3: red team wins on the obstacle course; 4: canoe racing.. red team wins. That makes it two each. Final event is a song contest,which the red team wins. Weir Do wins and gets a trophy!

"I rate it 4/5. I recommend it for ages 8-12. It's a funny book and easy to read. It's a quick read before I go to cricket." 

The Witches by Roald Dahl - reviewed by Charlie (aged 9) 

This is about a boy whose parents die and he goes to live with his grandmother. She tells him stories about witches and how to recognise them, so he can be safe from them. The grandmother and boy go on holiday to a fancy hotel. She gives him two mice to train, but the hotel manager does not like them. There is a group of witches gathering at the hotel for their yearly meeting. The boy turns into a mouse from a potion they have invented. He then puts it in the witches' food and they all turn into mice!.

"I rate it 5/5. It's a good read for ages 8+. I've also seen the movie, which is great." 

Sure signs of crazy by Karen Harrington - reviewed by Hannah (aged 10)

This is the story of 12 year old Sarah and her life is really bad. Her mother, in a fit of crazy, tried to drown her and her twin brother when they were two. He died. Her father is an alcoholic and her mum is in prison. She talks about her feelings and worries she might end up crazy like her mother. She keeps a diary and writes what is really happening and what she wishes would happen, like getting an "A" for maths.

"I have not finished the book yet, so I give it a 4/5 so far. I would recommend this for older children 11+".

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