Wednesday, August 8, 2012

When imaginations go wild...

... we get some wonderful tales of adventure to read!

Here are the winners of the "let your imagination go wild" library writing competition in which writers were asked to choose one of the following passages as their story opening:

"It was strange, like nothing they had experienced before. Sam was reminded of a childhood picture book... where the walls became the world all around. Oh yes, it was 'Where the wild things are' by Maurice Sendak. Sam must have read it and had it read to him a thousand times but he had never expected to be reminded of it like this..."
"They could see land, they could see trees and plants, but not much else. What would they find there? Finn suddenly remembered a favourite old picture book where a boy sailed to the place where the wild things are. Would there be wild things here? he wondered..."

Category 1:  7-8 age group:
Category 2:  9-10 age group
Category 3:  11-12 age group:

As usual the standard was high, so thanks to all who entered - it's difficult to choose from such wonderfully imaginative stories - so congratulations to those who won a book voucher!

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