Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November reviews from St Kilda

The copycat kid (Billie B. Brown, bk. 15) by Sally Rippin - reviewed by Mikaylla

There's a new girl called Mika (my second name) and she copies Billie's work and Billie gets made.

Rated:  3 reallys (so far...)

The daring rescue (Nanny Piggins, bk. 7) by R. A. Spratt - reviewed by Netta

It's about a nanny who's a pig and she looks after the three Green children, and the dad doesn't notice anything. He's going off to a tropical island as a senior tax official and he doesn't like it because he's used to working in a small basement and being spoilt by his staff. Nanny Piggins tries different ways to rescue him and finally succeeds by dressing him as a mermaid and sticking him to a boat.

Rated:  4.9 reallys

Lionheart: a journey of the human spirit by Jesse Martin - reviewed by Domenyk

It's about a guy who sails around the world by himself and it's a true story about things that go wrong and how he fixes any problems that happen. It explains all the places he goes to, and big storms - he was 16 when he started.

Rated:  4 reallys

The 26-storey treehouse (The treehouse books, bk. 2) by Andy Griffiths - reviewed by Lucia

It's about two boys, Andy and Terry. They tell stories of how they met and big fish and this other girl who loves animals and Captain Woodhead who they don't like. He tries to have the treehouse to himself and they run into the Maze of Doom. Flying Cat saves them by showing them the way out. Captain Woodhead comes out of the maze and they sing 'Ten pirates' and they fall off lots of stuff.

Rated:  5 reallys

Lucy the poorly puppy by Holly Webb - reviewed by Evie

It's about this dog called Bella. She has all these puppies. One of them is smaller than the others. They take it to the vet who tells them to bottle feed it. A girl and a boy make a stall with their toys to raise money because they've sold all the other puppies. They run and hide with the puppy and they end up with the puppy because they let them keep it.

Rated:  4 reallys

Then by Morris Gleitzman - reviewed by Teia

It's about a boy and a girl who escape from a Nazi death camp (they're Jewish). They find a lady called Greta who takes them into hiding and disguises them as non-Jewish. The little girl, Zelda, didn't like nazis and used to do rude things to them, and in the end she got hung. The boy (with a really long name that I don't remember) ended up being hidden in a hole that Greta's husband made.

Rated:  4.5 reallys

The burning bridge (Ranger's apprentice, bk. 2) by John Flanagan - reviewed by Guillaume
The main character's name is Will and he was an orphan. Then there was a ranger that came by. Somebody came to the orphan's house and asked them what they wanted to do because they were 16. The first girl wants to be a cook, then they get Will and he wants to be a knight but he is too weak. The ranger teaches him to shoot arrows. Then they get captured by Morgarath who has captured fifty people to make a bridge across a cliff to attack Will's native village. Will goes with his two friends, Horace and Evangeline, and they burn the bridge down on their own. Horace is on the safe side but the other two are on the other side. They both fall down into a small river and get captured and it's really good.

Rated:  5 reallys

Clean break by Jacqueline Wilson - reviewed by Elsa

Jacqueline Wilson is an English author. It's about a dad and he breaks up with the mum. There's a boy and a girl. Em is the main character and she tries everything to get the dad back. It's actually not really Em's dad, and the stepmum (they don't like) and the dad break up on christmas.

Rated:  5 reallys

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