Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jack's injury ... by Archie

Jack and Monkey Max were best friends. They played all day, every day. One day Jack fell out of a tree.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," said Jack.

He had broken his arm! When Mrs. Rumblelow (Jack's mum) saw this, she called the hospital straight away. Jack was going to have to stay in hospital for six months! Monkey Max was very sad. As he walked away he thought of an idea.

"Of course!" he shouted.

He was going to find a new friend. As he walked home to his mum, Penelope, he thought of another idea. Monkey Max told his mum that he was going to the jungle. Monkey Max told his mum he was going. He would set off tomorrow.

The next day he packed his books, some paper, some clothes, some bananas and some hats. Before he left he asked his mum for some money so he could buy some food to eat on the plane and in the waiting room. Yum!!

Monkey Max got his bag and went to the airport in an animal taxi. When he was at the airport he went to the waiting room. He got out some bananas and peeled them slowly. Then he put the peel in the bin and ate his bananas with a glass of milk which he bought from the shop. He also bought a hot chocolate.

Suddenly the loudspeaker said "LAST CALL FOR PLANE TWO!" so Monkey Max ran to plane two. He got some headphones and sat in seat one. Then he watched a movie called 'Indiana Monkey'! When the movie finished he was at the jungle! Monkey Max got off the plane and grabbed his bag from the carousel. It was time to find a new friend in the jungle!

First he went to Lemur Island where he saw lots of Lemurs but they were too small to be friends with. They were only two and Max was six (almost seven!).

Next he went to Elephant Island which was full of elephants but they were too big. They were sixty-five.

Finally he came to Tigerland and it was full of tigers. He looked all around and also found a boy in Tigerland who was six years old. Monkey Max asked the boy his name. "My name is Tiggy Tiger" said Tiggy Tiger.

Monkey Max said "do you want to be my friend?"

"Yes please" said Tiggy Tiger. He felt very shy.

Monkey Max said "you can come home with me on the plane."

Off the two friends went to the jungle airport. When they were there they heard an announcement. It said "LAST CALL FOR PLANE TEN!" They rushed to plane ten and jumped on it. They got some headphones and watched 'Jungle Wars'. The movie is about Darth Tiger and the Jungi Knights!

When they reached home, they went straight to Monkey Max's mum. Monkey Max told his mum that he found a new friend. Penelope said "you took a long time, Jack is coming home from hospital in two days!"

"Yeah" said Monkey Max. "Now Jack and Tiggy Tiger can be friends too!"

Meanwhile, at the hospital...

Jack was also looking for a friend. He asked the nurse "is there another kid here?"

"Yes," she said, "Liony Lion".

Jack followed the nurse to where Liony Lion was sitting.

"Hi" he said.

"Hi" Liony Lion said. He was excited to meet a new friend in hospital and they played all day in their beds. They played noghts and crosses, checkers, battleships on their iPads.

Two days later Jack was going home. Liony Lion was also going home. Jack phoned his mum and asked if Liony Lion could come over to his place for a five day sleepover. Mrs. Rumblelow said "yes!"

Liony Lion asked his mum, Lisa Lion, if he could go to Jack's house for a five day sleepover and she said "who is Jack?"

"He is my new best friend" Liony Lion said.

Lisa Lion said "yes, of course."

"Yay" they both shouted and went back to Jack's house together.

When they got to Jack's house Jack's mum asked who Liony Lion was. "He is my new friend," said Jack. "Can I go to Monkey Max's and tell him the good news?"

"Yes, sure" said Mrs. Rumblelow.

Jack took Liony Lion to Monkey Max's house and introduced them. "Liony Lion, meet Monkey Max, Monkey Max, meet Liony Lion!"

Then Tiggy Tiger appeared from around the corner. "Hi" he said, "who is this?"

"It's Jack" said Monkey Max. "He is my other best friend".

Then Tiggy Tiger said to Liony Lion "Hey, I know you, we were friends in the jungle! It's great to see you again!"

Liony Lion said "Oh year, I remember you now".

Now they were friends, all four of them, and they played every day until Liony Lion had to go home. He visited every day and they played all the time.

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