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October's reviews from St Kilda

The 65-storey treehouse by Andy Griffiths, illustrated by Terry Denton - reviewed by Ollie

Basically what happens is Andy's and Terry’s book is due that day and they don’t have a permit for the 65 storey building. Inspector Bubblewrap comes to check it out and won’t give them one because he says it’s too dangerous. So Andy and Terry go travelling in their wheelie-bin time machine. They get stuck so they have to go around a bit because of that. They finally get back and make a special access, anti-exit ramp. Will it be enough to get them a permit? Or will the tree house have to be destroyed?!

Rated:  5/5 reallys

Holes by Louis Sachar - reviewed by Louise

A boy called Stanley, who is so tall he is basically a giant, apparently steals this guy’s shoes. He gets sent to Camp Green Lake, a juvenile correctional centre. It used to have a lake but now it is all desert, except for two old oak trees. The warden lady who is paranoid and mean uses the trees to string up her hammock. Every day the inmates have to dig a 6ft wide, 6ft deep hole. The ground is very hard. This is supposed to build character. They have to get up at 4am in the morning to start digging so that they can avoid midday, when it is really hot. Another boy, known as Zero, is really, really good at digging holes. One day he sees Stanley writing a letter to his Mum and makes a deal. If Stanley teaches him to read and write, he will dig some of his holes. Oh and everyone in the book has a really weird nickname - Stanley is known as caveman.

A big boy called X-ray gets kind of angry that Zero is digging Stanley’s holes. They get into a fight. Mr Brandansky tries to stop the fight, and says something mean to Zero. Zero hits him with a shovel, then disappears into the desert. There aren’t any fences surrounding the centre, because it’s in the middle of the desert and survival is unlikely. A lot happens, a lipstick tied to a historical figure who kidnapped Stanley’s great grandfather is found, he tries to steal the water truck and then there’s the snake venom nail polish…

Rated:  4/5 reallys - "The story is really good, but it lost a 'really' because the transitions aren’t that good."

The wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum - reviewed by Olivia

It’s about a girl called Dorothy who lives in the countryside. When a cyclone comes, her and her little dog Toto don’t make it to the basement in time, so they go in the house. The house gets caught up in the cyclone and lands in a place they’ve never been to before: The Land of Oz. They meet Munchkins, who are really small people. They tell her to follow the yellow brick road. Along the road she meets a scarecrow who asks to be taken off his pole. He decides to go along with Dorothy, because he wants a brain. When they are tired from walking they go into a house on the side of the road and sleep until morning. The next day they walk through the forest where the road is going, and meet a Lion who wants courage and a tin man who wants a heart. They come with them as they cross a big field of poppies, which makes them sleep. Finally they meet the great Oz. He says he can give them what they want but only if they kill the Wicked Witch of the West…

Rated:  5/5 reallys - "Really well written."

Battle of the labyrinth ; bk. 4, Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan - reviewed by Jack

In the last book Luke worked for evil Titans. He was trying to get into half-blood but he couldn’t because monsters and their helpers can’t get in because of magic water. The only way they can get in is through the sculpture called Zeus’ Fist. It’s surrounded by a labyrinth. Annabeth, Percy, Grover, and Percy’s half- brother, Tyson who is a Cyclops, the son of Poseidon. They go in the labyrinth. So there is this really big guy. He is the son of earth god Gaia and Poseidon. Whenever he gets hurt the earth immediately heals him. Eventually they come into Dedalus’ workshop. There’s a really cool battle, and they fly away with Dedalus’ wings. Then they go to a museum to find Rachael (they’re frenemies), they take a limo. All the monsters get through Zeus’ Fist and start a massive battle.

Rated:  5/5 reallys

Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans - reviewed by Jackson

The other name for this book is The Memory of Us. It’s about a girl called Felicia who is dead. She lives on Level 2. There she can relive memories of her life. She thinks a lot about her boyfriend, Neil, and another boy, Julian who she accused of stealing the love of her life. She relives the memories through a holographic screen and an injection. This is called The System.

Everything is experienced through the system. She doesn’t have any hair or energy or even clothes. Level 2 is controlled by the Morati (dark angels). A boy called Julian who she knew when she was alive breaks into Level 2 and finds Felicia. The day before she relived the memory of a mugging, where she saw an angel. Because she saw an angel she can power The System. She gets hooked up to the machines by the Morati but then Julian saves her, and gets hooked up instead. She meets people who help her free others like her on level 2, she finds out that they are actually Morati as well, but good.

Rated:  4.5/5 reallys

Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan - reviewed by Ruth

I prefer this series to the Percy Jackson series. Mainly because the stories are a bit different, they’re not just about fighting. Basically there are camps and gods that can change forms and demi gods as well. The series is based on a prophecy, that it will take seven half-bloods to storm the doors of death. The demi gods have to go in the ship Argo II to stop Gaea (who is really evil). They have to sail to Greece to close the doors of death, which is really hard.

Rated:  5/5 reallys - "A bit better than the Percy Jackson series!"

An elephant in the garden by Michael Morpurgo - reviewed by Rosa

This girl Elizabeth is living during World War II. Her dad is away, forced to fight with the Russian army. Her mum works at the zoo. Because of all the bombing the zoo keeper says they have to kill all of the larger animals, so they don’t escape because of a bomb, and kill people. Elizabeth’s mum takes the elephant home. It lives in their garden and they take it for walks. On one walk a dog starts barking at the elephant, and so it chases the dog, which is funny except then bombing starts and they lose him. Eventually they find the elephant but they can’t go home because it isn’t safe. They go to her uncle's and aunt's, who aren’t there anymore, and try to put the elephant in the barn. They find an English soldier inside. They cover for him when the soldiers come . The bombing keeps on getting closer and closer, so they leave with the elephant again.

Rated:  4/5 reallys - "It's an easy read but it goes on for a while."

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