Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May reviews from Albert Park

Four mice deep in the jungle by Geronimo Stilton - reviewed by Gabriel (aged 7)

Geronimo is scared of lots of things so he goes to visit the doctor. After that his nephew brings him to the airport. Trap (Geronimo’s nephew) falls in love with a lady at the airport who turns out to be the doctor’s niece. The doctor’s niece sends Geronimo to the jungle so he can forget his fears.

In the jungle Geronimo learns to see which snake is poisonous and which one is not. By the end he is not afraid of snakes but is still scared of cats (he is a mouse after all).

Rated:  5/5 - "I like Geronimo Stilton!"

Really Weird ; WeirDo, bk. 8 by Anh Do - reviewed by Flynn (9)

Anh Do’s class are going to have a barn dance so he tries to pass on a note to a girl he has a crush on. Instead it ends up with the wrong person – luckily she wants to go with someone else and Anh Do gets to dance with the girl he has a crush on.

Rated:  3/5 - "I liked it, but not loved it."

Gorilla City ; The amazing adventures of Charlie Small (400) ; notebook 1 by Charlie Small (i.e. Nick Ward) - reviewed by Cole (9)

This is about an 8 year old boy, Charlie Small, and his adventures. His diary is found and in it there are stories of how he is on a raft that gets swept away by a river and attacked by a crocodile. He is taken in by gorillas and then they get attacked by baboons.

Rated:  4/5 – "It’s written like a diary that looks messy but still nice."

Jump Start ; EJ12 girl hero, bk. 2 by Susannah McFarlane - reviewed by Moa (7)

EJ12 is a spy. She saves the world from the Shadow (a bad team). She needs to go to the jungle because the Shadow are doing something really bad. I’ve read some of the books already but not all of them yet.

Rated:  5/5 – "I really like them."

When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr - reviewed by Emma (10)

I finished this book yesterday. Anna and her father (a famous writer) live in Germany when Hitler is elected to power. The day before he wins they flee to France. The police come to take their passports but they have already gone. There are wanted posters issued for Anna’s father.

They decide to take a holiday to Switzerland and they board a train that they are told is going there. They realise it is actually going to Germany and they jump off just in time.

They go to Switzerland and make some new friends but the parents of the children say they can’t play with Anna and her family because they are Jews.

The reason it is called When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit is because when Anna fled she left her toys including her pink rabbit thinking they would be back soon. Anna and her dad joke that Hitler sleeps with her pink rabbit.

Rated:  4.7/5 – "I’ve been reading heaps of Jackie French and my mum told me to read it. It is a bit different form the usual things I read in teens or spy stuff."

Out to Lunch ; Zoe and Chloe, bk. 2 by Sue Limb - reviewed by Zoe (10)

Zoe and Chloe are best friends and do everything together. They want to go on holiday to New Quay together but need to save money and convince their mums to let them go. Zoe also has an older sister named Tamsin who is going out with a married man named Ed (I think her sister is 25!).

Zoe and Chloe get a job at a farm at the same place where a boy Chloe likes named Oliver also works. She later decides he is lazy and rude and doesn’t like him anymore.

If they save enough money for the holiday at New Quay they can get to stay at a flat owned by Ed (when I think of Ed I think of an old and bald person). Unfortunately Tamsin and Ed split up. Then Zoe blackmails Tamsin into coming on holiday with them because they need an older person to go with them. Zoe tells Tamsin that she will tell their mum about Ed if she doesn’t go with them to New Quay.

Rated:  5/5 – "I like all the action."

Charlie and the War Against the Grannies by Alan Brough - reviewed by Georgia (10)

This is about a little boy named Charlie who has a best friend called Hydie who loves talking about war and wants to join the army. Charlie really wants to do a paper round but two grannies are already doing a paper round in his area. Charlie and Hydie decide to start a war to take the paper round off the grannies.


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