Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May reviews from St Kilda

See you in the Cosmos by Jack Cheng - reviewed by Spike 

It’s about a boy called Alex Petroski. He’s eleven years old and he lives in the US. He has a dog named after his hero, Carl Sagan. He wants to launch his ipod into space with a series of audio recordings. He calls it the golden ipod because he’s fascinated with space and because of the golden record. It will show other lifeforms what his earth is really like, but he has a long dead dad, a troubled mother and a mostly not around brother. So life is really hard. He goes to a rocket festival in New Mexico. He lives in Colorado, and travels there by himself, without his mum or anybody. He makes adult friends and drives around the US trying to find the answers to questions he has about his mysterious family.

Rated:  5/5 Reallys - “It’s serious, fun and sad all at the same time.

The bad guys ; bk. 5, Intergalactic gas by Aaron Blabey - reviewed by Mackenzie 

This is the fifth book in the series. They go to the moon to stop Marmalade the alien guinea pig, who has this weapon called the cutezilla ray. They destroy the cutezilla ray and leave Marmalade out in space to float around. There’s also a shark, a snake, two foxes and a burrito eating piranha.

Rated:  5/5 Reallys - “I liked that it’s really happy and then really sad and then really happy again, it leaves you thinking what is going to happen next?!

The Alchemyst : secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott - reviewed by Jaxon 

It’s about this 2,600 year old man named Nicholas Flamel, who is in the first Harry Potter book. Well, in this book, he actually talks about the philosopher’s stone, which makes the elixir of life. He created the stone itself, with a little help from Albus Dumbledore. Alchemy is all about turning stones into precious jewels and elixirs.

So there’s this guy called Dr John Dee, who was Flamel’s apprentice, what Nicholas didn’t know at that time was that Dee was going to try and steal the codex where he learnt alchemy in the first place. He manages to get the codex, but a twelve year old boy, Josh managed to keep a fistful of pages, the most important, final pages known as The Summoning. Without them he will never have a chance of being as powerful as Flamel. Without them, the book is useless. He’s trying to get them, but so far he has failed.

Rated:  5/5 Reallys - “I haven’t finished it yet but it’s really good so far, it still holds the mystery.

Watch this space by Colin Thompson - reviewed by Ollie

Radius, a billionaire TV show producer, wants to create a reality TV called Watch This Space, where they have auditions, and take one family up into space to live there. The successful family hire a stranger to be their granny and they take their dogs. Radius gives his assistant Fiona one of his everlasting credit cards. Fiona buys granny Mavis some clothes she is like “do I have to wear this?!” Granny Mavis has a history of lighting up other Grannie’s jackets if she finds them fashionably offensive. The rocket is being built by highly trained engineers, or trainee engineers who know nothing about engineering. They fix the rocket ship with “intergalactic gaffer tape” and “space foil.”

Rated:  5/5 Reallys - “I’m about half way through so far, it’s really good. There is mystery around what sort of show Radius is really intending to air… and there is an inventing robot.”

The Sorceress by Michael Scott - reviewed by Yuanquan 

It’s about Nicholas Flamel, who is immortal. His wife Perenelle has been kidnapped and sent to Alcatraz, a prison owned by Dr John Dee. However she has escaped and is now sort of running the place. Sophie has been awakened by Elder Hecate. In the Sorceress they are trying to find someone to teach them the power of water. On the run from Doctor Dee, they escape Paris to London and meet up with Palamedes, who is friends with Sophie’s fire teacher Comte Saint Germain. He saves them in a taxi cab and takes them to this castle made out of cars. He owns the properties all around them. They get attacked by John Dee and his dark elder followers. They destroy the palace, but can’t manage to reach and kill everyone because of fire. Dr John Dee tries to put it out with the sword of ice, Excalibur, but Josh wields the sword of fire. With Dee on their trail they run away and find a mad old King, the only one who can teach him the power of water…

Rated:  4.9/5 Reallys

Lottie and Lisa by Erich Kästner - reviewed by Emese 

If you have seen The Parent Trap this will sound familiar, it’s the original version, there was a German translation first. I read it in Hungarian. It’s about these two girls who live in separate towns. Lisa just has a dad and Lottie a mum. They meet at a Summer Camp and immediately dislike each other. Lisa thinks that Lottie has stolen her look…

The girls go through lots of dilemmas regarding who they are and their families and come up with a crazy plan to switch places…

Rated:  5/5 Reallys - “It’s actually really different to the English version of The Parent Trap, there is a lot more backstory and insight into who people are.”

Middle school by James Patterson – reviewed by Hope 

It’s about this boy who is very naughty and wants to break every school rule. He has this big brother called Rio who he gets on with sometimes. In the middle of the book there is a section where he has to score a certain amount of points to keep going with his mission. He gets expelled, but then they have to take him back because no other school will accept him. The teachers are not happy. There are lots of smaller stories throughout it, as well as pictures.

Rated:  5/5 Reallys - “I like all of the trouble he causes, it’s one of those books that you find hard to stop reading.”

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