Friday, August 19, 2011

Title ... by Liliana

Monty's dad was always giving him peculiar advice. Just that morning he had told Monty wisely, "Remember, you are the maker of your own destiny".

Monty pondered this adage as he strolled through the woods. In the early afternoon a particularly interesting stone caught Monty's eye. Warm and golden coloured it fit snugly in his hand. He admired the curious stone before placing it in his pocket and continuing his walk.

Not long after this he spotted something out of place. It was a deep red colour, thickly bound. A book. Monty loved to read and so settled down under an oak. The story was about a boy lost in the woods. There was a Captain Redbeard with a talking parrot and an alarmingly red beard, a magical princess with an unfortunate wart and other fascinating characters.

Three chapters in, Monty found an invitation to a party. Monty was intrigued. So with the book underarm he set off for the party.

On arrival Monty found the door already ajar so he stepped inside. The room was filled with an assortment of party guests. By the only window stood a large man with a striking beard. A fair lady in a beautiful gown smiled at Monty as he entered.

"Monty!" bellowed a gruff voice. It was the man with the beard; a balding parrot perched on his shoulder. Monty smiled politely trying to remember where he knew the man from. "It's sure been a while" sighed the man.

Monty realised too late it had been a mistake to come. "I was just leaving," mumbled Monty frantically searching for the door. Before he could getaway the man's rough hand caught his arm. "What about the key?" the old man asked furtively.

"The key..?"
"The key!" he sighed gravely "which unlocks the safe where the last page of the book is hidden."

Monty stared at him in utter bewilderment.

"Without the last page of the book we are stuck in this story forever!"
"We?" Monty interrupted.
The old man nodded serenely. "Unfortunately so, doomed to spend an eternity as story characters".
"I'm sorry but I don't think I'm who you think I am" Monty said backing towards the door. All eyes in the room were now on him.
"You can't just leave," screeched the princess.
"Let's get him!" yelled someone and his cry was met with an enthusiastic roar from the crowd. So he did the only thing he could do. Run, letting his feet guide him up the stairs.

He reached the attic puffing and saw a safe on the floor. But it was useless without a key. Suddenly Monty felt a heat in his pocket. He dug his hand in but instead of finding a stone he held a key. Monty slipped the key easily into the lock and turned it. The safe flew open violently and he saw the page.

Suddenly a memory came to him that seemed distant now. "Remember," his father had said, "you are the creator of your own destiny." But that was impossible, thought Monty. My destiny lies in a book. And just like that he had the answer.

Monty scanned the last page:

It was now or never. Monty pulled a pen from his pocket just as the party guests crashed down the door brandishing weapons...

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