Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The cat crusade ... by Olivia

I woke up on the floor with a strange cat staring at me. He introduced himself as King Titan, the king of cats. "Well not ALL cats.” he said. Then he explained about his lost kittens and the bad cat Black Boris.

King Titan suspected the bad cat Black Boris had taken his kittens and he needed my help. "So, will you do it?" he asked. "Please?" he begged. "Alright" I said. "Right" he said, "Let's go." "Where?" I asked. "Cat Kingdom, of course, silly." And with that he bounded off to a nearby hole that I had never noticed before.

I decided to follow King Titan to Cat Kingdom. We slid down a slippery slide and landed on a soft dark green patch of four leaf clovers.

We then set off towards the back of the palace. “The kittens might be hiding in the garden,” said King Titan.

When we were finished looking the king said in a worried voice “I think we should look by the river.” “Just to be sure they didn’t fall in.” he added.

While we were walking down towards the river I stumbled across a black hole. I called out to King Titan “King Titan, I think I found something.” So King Titan came bounding over to stand beside me. “WOW” he said “I really think you have found the winning clue so far.” “I think we should follow the tunnel and see where it leads to”. “Good idea!” said King Titan.

So I stepped carefully into the squishy hole. I crawled a little way and then I felt it go up a little bit and I thought to myself “we must be nearly there”.

Finally I saw some light, I was at the end of the tunnel. I looked out and saw a land full of black cats. “This must be where Black Boris lives” I called to King Titan. I called him to come up and have a look. He stopped, and stared! I looked and stared. “King Titan, are they your kittens?” I asked. “Yes” he nodded.

It was getting dark and all the black cats were going to bed so we climbed out of the tunnel and tiptoed over to where the kittens were standing.

King Titan whispered to the kittens “Be quiet, we are going to take you home”. The five of us tiptoed back to the hole and crawled home.

We found Queen Titiana and tucked the kittens into bed and told the queen what had happened. Queen Titiana called some servants to seal up the hole so they could live safely and happily ever after!

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