Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nine lives ... by Oriana

I woke up on the floor with a strange cat staring at me. “Aaarrghhh!!!” I yelled. The cat jumped off my chest and landed on the floor with a dull thud. I must have rolled off the bed in my sleep, because I don’t remember sleeping on the floor. The weird cat had given me a fright, and I was slightly shaking from the unexpected scare. How had the cat gotten in? I looked around my small room but none of my three windows were open. I shrugged. Where was the cat now? Ah, there it is. Sitting on my stereo like it owned the place! I cautiously crept over to the cat. It was a Siamese, with narrow eyes and a cut ear. It stayed still as a statue as I quickly checked its collar. Huh? The little circles that owners usually put the pets name and owner’s phone number in were blank! Hmmm. Strange. I opened the window and shooed the cat out. As it jumped out it turned and hissed at me. I stumbled back, alarmed by its sudden change of mood. Then I started to scorn myself. It was only a cat. Just a cat. I checked to see if it was coming back once more, and it wasn’t, so I started to get dressed.

As I trudged slowly to school, I felt glum. Things weren’t looking up for me lately. I was a nice kid. My name was Mike Peligrini, and I had blond hair and green eyes, and was 12 years old. I had a little, annoying 7 year old sis called Megsie. Me and my best friend Charlie Roberts were in a big fight and still hadn’t forgiven each other yet. We both pretended to have no problem eating and playing alone, but really we were miserable. I tried to forget my problems and raced ahead to school.

School was the same as usual. English, writing, math, spelling, Spanish, gym and art. Eating and “playing” by myself, alone. I trudged slowly back home. “Anything wrong?” mum asked.  “No. Doesn’t matter.” I replied. I went into my room. I thought I saw the cat out the window, but no. Must have been a hallucination. I plonked myself down on my bed. I was so tired from the day my eyes instantly drooped and I fell asleep.  

‘Dinner time’ I heard mum calling from the kitchen. ‘Okay’ I called back. I rushed to the table. I hadn’t realized how ravenous I was. It was lasagna, my favourite. I gulped it down and raced back into my room. I was reading a really cool book, The Hunger Games. Mum said that if I read the book I could see the movie. I read a bit but then decided I was too tired. I put my head on the pillow and fell into a deep sleep.

"5-00!" I yelled. "5-00?! You woke me up at 5-00!!" “I’m sorry.” Megsie said. “Not as sorry as you’re going to be!!!” I yelled. I chased after her, but she beat me to her room and locked it. I gave up, and trudged sleepily back to my room. I lay on the bed and fell asleep.

9-00. I quickly buttered my toast and raced out the door. No, I wasn’t looking forward to school, but I didn’t want to be late, either. It would make me look bad in front of Charlie. I know it sounds selfish, but if I did, he would never let me hear the end of it.

‘Mrow.’ I looked around. Nothing. ‘Meow.’ There it is! On Mr. Shifties fence. The same cat that woke me up. I’m going to get that cat! I leapt over fences, jumped over cars, ran through backyards, and avoided angry barking dogs. I kept on running… and running… and running…

Finally the cat stopped. I rested, out of breath. The cat had stopped at – what? My place. It nudged at the door. No. I started walking back to school, then running, then sprinting. Even at the pace I was going, by the time I got there I was half an hour late. It was math. Our math teacher Mr. Gregory was in the middle of teaching long division.  I tried to sneak in quietly but he caught me. ‘Mr. Pellegrini can you explain to us what is more important than math studies?’  ‘Oh, I just got caught up in a few things.’  I said. Mr. Gregory narrowed his eyes. ‘You’ll be speaking with me at snack time Mr. Pellegrini.’ He said sternly. I told him the usual. I had missed the bus and had spent too long pleading for Mum to give me a lift. He bought it and dismissed me.

I raced home that afternoon eager to find the mysterious cat. I looked everywhere, even the cellar. The one place I hadn’t looked was the basement. I crept over to it. In the back of my mind a voice told me that I had only been avoiding the basement because the cat was there. I crept down the stairs quietly. There was a sound like a tyre deflating. I flicked on the torch that I had brought with me. Light illuminated the basement eerily. There it was, sitting on top of the washing machine, hissing – now I knew what was making that sound. I seem to be drawn to it. As I stepped toward it I noticed it had a gem at its feet. Do you want power?  It said. 

Wait, No, that’s impossible, cats can’t talk. And its lips weren’t moving. But I’m sure I heard a voice. And this time it wasn’t mine. Take it. The cat pushed the gem forward. Okaaayy… this was weird. But what was the worst that could happen? It was a cat. I shrugged and reached out to grab the sparkling gem. As I clasped the gem in my hand, I felt power course through me. I looked at the cat and saw it smiling. No. a voice in the back of my head said. My voice. No. you are stronger than this. Fight it. I shuddered as the power grew stronger. Fight what? The cat. It has eight lives. If it wins, it will take you’re life and have nine lives once more. Do you want a cat to take your life? A cat?!!!  

I looked at the sly animal. Furry manipulator. I dropped the gem. Nothing happened. I expected the power to stop, for me to be back to normal. But no, the power was still flowing freely as ever. I thought about it. Then I saw the cat. It was not grinning now, but almost laughing at my expense. This made me angry. Very angry. I focused all my attention on the power that was coursing through me. I visualized it in my mind, the power inside me, like a flow of water. I concentrated on reversing the flow, making it flow out of my body. Gradually it started slowing, then stopped. It started flowing out of my body, and the power started to subside. It grew weaker and weaker as I flowed it out of my body.

Finally it was all gone. I collapsed onto the floor, suddenly overwhelmingly exhausted. I saw the cat. It had its mouth open. Something flashed in its eyes, then was gone just as suddenly as it had appeared. The number 7. So this had taken a life out of him. I stepped on the gem, crushing it, and wished the cat’s next victim good luck. Now for my own victory…Yes!!! I won! Against the evil psycho Siamese!!! I pumped my fists in the air, despite how tired I was.


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