Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A mystery for Dr. Monkey ... by Melisand

I woke up on the floor with a strange cat staring at me. I remembered suddenly that I was at wonderful Aunty Sloth's jungle bungalow. Now, that black cat, it seemed to have an eye patch over his left eye. By the way, I'm Dr. Monkey, famous for solving mysteries. Perhaps you've heard of my previous case "The missing parrot statue?" Anyway, I decided to find out why that cat had an eye patch.

So I, Dr. Monkey, thought up Plan A to solve this mystery. Following my plan I asked Aunty Sloth 5 questions:
  • When did you get the cat?
  • How long have you had the cat?
  • How old is the cat?
  • Has it always had an eye patch?
  • What is the cat's name?
From her answers I came to the conclusion I had to go back in time. I hadn't really planned this because I didn't know where the questions would lead me, but I had planned making an attack on the wounder. So (in just half an hour) I built a superb time passing vehicle that ran on lemon skins. I commanded this machine to go back to 1997 immediately!

I landed in an amazing looking garden with gold statues and willows, gum trees and bushes shaped as ducks. It looked as if a duke lived there but soon I found out that really only an old, evil and extremely rich witch lived here.

Suddenly a witch appeared. I had to quickly jump into a gum tree that stood next to me so as not to be seen. That old witch clapped her hands once and shrieked at the top of her voice "Crystal!" Almost at once a black kitten crawled out of a (sky blue) window.

"That dreaded cat never uses its abilities to come quickly to me", the rotten witch grumbled.

At once I leapt down onto the startled witch yelling "That cat is only a kitten. Would you expect that kitten knows its abilities yet?" "er .. no" the witch replied stammering.

But she quickly recovered and started to chase me, with the kitten at my heels. I ran towards the house with the ugly witch shouting "Brat, spoilt, selfish, nasty little brat!" behind me. I ran inside the house, angry with the mean witch. Fortunately I saw a door to my left. I looked behind and spied the witch just entering the house still yelling nasty and horrible curses. I dashed into the room with the kitten in my arms.

I was lucky that the annoying witch didn't follow me, but she did keep calling "Come out my stubborn brat". I would always reply "Yoohoo, I'm in this room" trying to trick her.

While the horrible witch tried to find me, I thought up Plan B. She finally passed by. I escaped through a trapdoor (which was part of Plan B) and the kitten and I were able to sneak out.

But as soon as we got out we found that my superb time passing vehicle was in pieces. The kitten started to wriggle and jiggle as if to mew "Let me down". As I dropped him, his nose went green and twitched about. Sparkles came from the tips of his tail and landed amongst the pieces of my time passing vehicle. Magically it was rebuilt! I demanded to go back to 2012 and off we went, with the kitten growing bigger by the second as we travelled forward in time. As the cat grew the sores it had from the witch catnapping him slowly faded away.

When I arrived home Aunty Sloth was the most active sloth that has ever lived because she was excited to see me and surprised that the cat was now unwounded! I questioned Aunty, "Are you a witch or are you related to witches?" and she replied, "Yes..."

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