Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Squirrel Family ... by Leon

"It was spring and it was time to move’’ thought most animals in the woods, waking up from a long hard winter. BUT ONE. The Squirrel family was asleep until mid autumn. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH we are LLAAAATTE WWAAAKKKEEE UUUUUUUP" screamed Mother Squirrel to the family, "it's nearly winter and we have capital N for NO NNNUUUUUTTTTTSSSSS.’’ 

“So why don’t we get some nuts?” asked Daddy Squirrel. But the nuts were gone in that wood so they had to go to another wood beyond the mountains that surrounded their woods and were full with bears. The most dangerous bit was the human city that had to be crossed in order to get to those woods, that were not inhabited by anything but wood cutters and machines.

It was perilous and dangerous, not to be done by an animal, but it was not negotiable. It was either 'might die' or 'most certainly will die'.

When they got enough courage to go on the trip they realised they had no food for the journey. “I bet there is going to be food in the mountains’’ piped up dad, who was not a big or fussy eater so he did not care, but Bob, the littlest of them all, wailed “I can’t go without food for a day.”

As they started going up the mountains they realised that dad was wrong - there was no food - but they kept going until they found a cave to sleep in.

This cave was inhabited by a grumpy grizzly bear who had just came back from hunting and had not caught a thing. It saw the squirrels as a substitute snack but luckily Bob realised and screamed "BBBEEEAAAAARRRRRR’’ so the family scurried out.  But they had not had any food for ages and started to get hungry, and there was  hardly any food on the mountains.

Dad said he knew a place with one oak tree in a ditch in the mountains so they went up there.  However there was also a bear living in the hole, waiting for some animals to come by to ambush them. When they got into the hole, Gary, Bob’s brother, smelt out the bear and the family quickly scurried up the tree, grabbed a couple of acorns and leapt onto a ledge which was close to the tree’s branches.

But Bob could not reach the ledge and fell, and the bear took its chance, jumping out to grab him. Just missing Bob, the bear’s head smacked into the ledge and his head got stuck. Bob saw an opportunity and crawled up the bear’s body, pulling himself up onto the branches. Then he swung up to join his parents again.

Finally reaching the city, there were people everywhere. Bob nearly got lost. The quickest way to the woods is through a huge industrial factory, but that was the most dangerous part  in the journey.

Harry and Sam found some booster packs, some string and a vacuum. They tied the string to the vacuum and the booster pack and pressed the button. As the booster pack was taking off, the fire lit some fireworks which flew up and smashed the roof. Then Harry and Sam’s booster packs went flying up through the roof in the direction of the forest. The other squirrels got the same idea, they found booster packs and pressed the button while holding them.

Harry and Sam’s booster pack landed outside the forest but the others landed in the forest. Harry and Sam finally got the vacuum to work believing everything in the factory would be useful to them. Sure enough it was, especially as it was solar-powered. But the vacuum also had wheels so Sam and Harry ended up chasing after it as it rummaged around the forest. It finally stopped after trying to vacuum up a tree and was by then overflowing with acorns. Then mum said "three cheers for Harry and Sam for saving us.’’

The vacuum had broken but they still knew what to do next year.

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