Thursday, November 17, 2011

The time machine ... by Morris

It was spring and time to move to a new house. Bobby and his family were packing up all of their possessions to move to another part of the town. He had lived in the house for ten years with just his mum and dad, and was sad to be going.

He is having breakfast with his dad, who turns to Bobby and says "I think you should go and see grandpa before we finish packing."

Bobby gets up and starts walking towards his grandpa's house. He enjoys being out on such a nice spring day: walking past white and black houses, Range Rovers and BMWs.

When he arrives at his grandpa’s huge red manor house, he rings the bell and his grandpa, Don, answers and says "Bob how good to see you, guess what I got - Call of Duty on PS3, want to play?"

"Yeah, why not." Bob replies.

They walk along the creaky floorboards and downstairs, where the home cinema is. They begin to play and while they are playing, Bob thinks that his mum would kill him if she found out what they were doing.

Eventually Bob's grandpa goes to sleep. Bob didn't want to play anymore so he decides to explore the basement.

Bobby walks down to the basement, where he finds lots of boxes and cupboards full of stuff. One box has photos of his dad when he was young and in another a really cool spongeball. He picks up the ball but drops it and it rolls under a cupboard. Bobby looks behind the cupboard and sees a door. He pushes the cupboard aside and opens the door and sees a strange looking machine: it looks like a seat with lots of buttons and a box with the day’s date on it. He sits on the seat and changes the date to 10 years earlier and presses a big red button.

The room starts shaking and lights flash. Then there is a boom and suddenly it stops. Bob gets off the chair, feeling startled by the light and slightly giddy. He leaves his grandpas house and walks towards his own house.

On the way he is thinking to himself that the houses look different and the cars are much older. As he arrives at the house he sees his mum, who looks much younger, and is pushing a pram with a baby in it. Bobby says hello to his mum who completely ignores him as if he is not there.

He looks at the front of the house and instead of being white it is yellow. He walks into his house and goes up to his bedroom. He stands in the doorway in shock.

"What, where is my computer, my bed, my desk, my books, my Lego and my giant teddy?"

He is hungry so he walks down to the fridge and screams "My coke, hamburger, chips, nuggets, pork, bacon, roast beef, chicken, fish, salad, chocolate pudding, orange pudding, chocolate cake, pasta and brownies. They have all gone!”

Bob walks out of the kitchen and to the living room and moans "What the hell is that?" Bob says looking at a fat TV. "Where are my video games" Bob says dramatically.

Just then he realizes that he has found a time machine which took him back to when he was a baby. So he sprints back to his grandpa's house, runs down to the basement and sees the time machine.

"Where should I go to now? I know, how about the year 1245."

Bobby sits on the machine, changes the date to 1245 and then pushes the red button.

He goes flying in the air and out to the year 1245. He sees lots of people wearing fur and crowded around watching something Bob could not get a proper look at. Walking through the crowd Bob accidentally bumps into a man, who angrily turned around and says "Boy, be aware of where you are going."

“How can he see me?” thinks Bob.

Then suddenly he realizes that in the time he travels where he exists he can't be seen, but if in the time he doesn't exist he can be seen.

He gets close and sees 2 knights wearing thick metal armor, fighting each other with swords. One gets his sword knocked out of his hand.

The other knight kicks him to the ground. Bob closes his eyes; when he opens them he hears lots of cheering, He feels sorry for the poor knight, just lying on the ground with blood trickling down his neck. He leaves the arena feeling disgusted at what the knights did to each other.

Looking out into the grassland he sees an old looking cottage. Bob walks over, opens the door, he looks inside. It is a dark room with a shining treasure chest in the middle. He opens it and sees piles of gold coins worth heaps in Bob's era. He picks it up and walks towards the time machine, changes it back to the original time, then leaves.

He ends up back in his Grandpas house. He sprints back to his house and shows his Dad the gold. His Dad said eagerly, "Where on earth did you get that?"

Bob says jokingly "If I tell you I’ll have to kill you, and besides who cares, let's take this to the Gold Money Exchanger”.

They drive to the Exchange and they discovered that each gold coin is worth $50 which meant that the chest was worth $30,000. They had more than enough money to keep their house and plenty leftover. Bob still had not told anyone about the time machine. But he was very relieved and happy that he was staying in his home with his family.

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