Monday, August 7, 2017

Finding A Tail by Antonio

Once upon a time there was a really peculiar baby kangaroo that lived on the top of a mountain with his mum. While the other kangaroos would understand that their tails take some time to grow, this little kangaroo couldn't wait for his tail to grow.

One day he decided to ask his mum why his tail was taking so long to grow: "Mum, when will I get a tail? A big one, so I will be able to jump high and go anywhere quickly?"

His mum said: "Darling, don’t be so anxious. Your tail will grow soon enough, you just need to be patient."

But, the little kangaroo couldn’t help it. He needed to find a tail as soon as possible. So, he said to his mum he was going to the park to play with his 'friendroos', but he was actually going on an adventure to look for his tail.

Then, the little kangaroo went to the forest. He thought that he could find a perfect tail in this place full of beautiful things.

The first thing he found was a leaf. There was nothing so perfect to make a tail as a leaf. So, he picked it up and stuck it on his backside. He was so happy, that he started jumping and running around the forest. But suddenly, a bird that needed some leaves to make a nest approached behind him and took the leaf away. When the baby kangaroo realised that the leaf was gone, it was too late. The bird was already flying miles away, carrying the leaf.

The kangaroo didn’t give up, so he kept looking for a tail. The second thing he found was a stick. He thought it would be a perfect tail, because it was brown just like him. But, at the moment he stuck it on his backside, it spiked him - "Ahhhhhhhh!!!"

The kangaroo was a little bit tired and dirty, so he decided to jump into the lake to relax for a while. That’s when he felt something on his arm. It was a little fish, and he had a great idea: "A fish would be a perfect tail!" He put the fish on his backside and started jumping around the forest. He was really excited until he started smelling something really bad. When he looked at his tail (fish) he realised that it was the fish that was causing the smell. The fish had died because it was out of water for so long.

But the kangaroo didn’t give up. He kept looking for a tail. The fourth thing he found was a snake. The snake was so beautiful and colourful that he thought it would be the most perfect tail in the world. But, when he put the snake on his backside, the snake bit him and he got poisoned. He immediately fainted and stayed on the ground for hours.

After that he decided to stop looking for his tail in the forest and went to the city instead.

The first thing he found in the city was a lighter. It had the perfect shape and size for a baby kangaroo tail. He stuck it on his backside and started walking. Everything was good until the moment he lit it on fire accidentally and his butt got burnt - "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!"

He was desperate and started looking for something to cool his butt down. That’s when he found an icy pole. As expected, when he put the icy pole on his backside, the little kangaroo froze. He was frozen and couldn't move until the sun light shone upon him and the ice melted.

The kangaroo decided that he wouldn’t use anything hot or cold anymore. He kept walking around the city trying to find a tail. Then, he met a young man who had an amazing tie. It wasn’t hot, it wasn’t cold, it wasn’t poisonous, it wasn’t spiky and it wasn’t a leaf. It was perfect!

He approached the young man and asked him if he could borrow the tie. The young man was freaked out and without understanding anything, as the kangaroo was speaking "kanglish", he gave the tie to the animal and ran away.

Unfortunately, the baby kangaroo did not know how to put the tie on and got his legs tangled. He fell over and started crying on the ground - "I will never find a perfect tail."

After a while, a little girl came and helped the little kangaroo. First, she took the tie off his legs and helped him get up. Then little kangaroo said: "Thankyou!". He explained to her everything he had gone through and said: "I want to go back home, my mum is waiting for me. I need to go to the mountains, but I don’t know how. I'm lost!" Then, the girl pulled something out from her pocket. It was a compass!!

The girl explained to the kangaroo that he could go anywhere with the compass. He just needed to follow the right direction. To go back to the mountains, she should go north.

The little kangaroo was upset because he hadn't found a tail, but he was proud of himself, because he had survived this adventure. He had gone through everything by himself.

When he got home, his mum was very happy that the little kangaroo was safe. However, she was also upset, because she knew he had lied to her. After telling his mum about his experience in the forest and in the city, the kangaroo apologised and promised he would never go anywhere again without her permission.

The little kangaroo started feeling something bothering his backside and he thought he had left some of the weird things there. When he asked his mum to check, she was flabbergasted!!! His real tail was finally growing!!! The kangaroo and his mum celebrated together.  They had never been so happy!


                                                                            *The end *

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