Monday, August 7, 2017

Parachuting Pig by Alicia

 Once upon a time there was a peculiar man with some very peculiar ideas. This man had a pig called Mike. One day, the peculiar man decided that he wanted to teach his pig how to skydive. The man bought two new parachutes, one for himself and one for Mike. He took Mike to the top of a mountain to be sure that he wouldn’t be afraid of heights. There he taught Mike how to pull the cord for the parachute.

The next morning, the man and the pig went on an excursion with professional skydivers. The man jumped first and Mike jumped soon after. The pig followed his owner’s instructions and did exactly what he was told to do. He jumped from the airplane and pulled the cord when the man gave his signal.

To the owner’s surprise, even after Mike pulled the cord, he kept falling. The owner had forgotten that the pig weighed 200kg which broke the parachutes weight limit. The pig kept falling until he got stuck in the snow, far away from his owner and the other skydivers.

Mike didn’t know how he would get out. He saw that there was a bridge close to the place where he was and so kept an eye on it, waiting for some help.

The first animal that passed by the bridge was a chicken. Mike cried for help, but the chicken said: "I can't help you, because I'm carrying my eggs and I don’t want my chicks frozen. I'm sorry, good luck!"

The second animal that passed by the bridge was a tiger. Mike cried for help, but the tiger said: "I can't help because, if I go in the snow my fur will turn white and I don’t want be confused with a snow tiger. Good luck!"

The third animal that passed by the bridge was a snake. Mike cried for help, but the snake said: "I can't help, because I don’t have any hands, so how would I take you out? Sorry, good luck!"

The fourth animal that passed by the bridge was a brown bear. Mike cried for help, but the bear said: "I can't help, because I don’t want to be confused with a polar bear. Good luck!"

The pig was super upset and hopeless, when a bird approached. The bird asked him what had happened: "How did you get stuck in the snow? You are a pet, you were supposed do be with your owner." Mike explained his situation to the bird: "My owner is a really peculiar person and he had this peculiar idea about teaching me how to skydive. However, he forgot the maximum weight for that parachute is 150kg, and my weight is 200kg. I didn’t stop falling down and got stuck here."

The bird really wanted to help Mike, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to do it by himself. He was too small to carry such a pig. He flew to his family's nest and asked for help. On the other side of the bridge, the chicken, the tiger, the snake and the bear were laughing at the birds. They thought the birds would never be able to carry such a heavy pig.

All the birds in the forest came flying down to help Mike. The main bird counted down: "Lets go, guys! 3, 2, 1... Go!" Together they lifted Mike out of the snow and all the other animals were flabbergasted!

When they finally placed Mike back on the ground, the pig was relieved. Mike realised that he had made friends with many amazing birds and decided to stay in the forest where he was safe from his peculiar owner.

                                                                               *The end*

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