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July Reviews From Albert Park

In this book, Harry Potter gets a scar by Voldermort,but survives the "Killing Curse"because his  mother's love protected him.A few days later he goes to school(Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry), where he learns spells.In the end he sees Voldermort,who turns into a shadow , knocks out Harry Potter and then runs away.Harry has saved the Philosopher's Stone (which grants the owner eternal life),from getting into the hands of the evil Voldermort.He and his friends get rewarded in front of the whole school at the end of the year banquet.

Rated:5/5- "I liked it because Harry Potter doesn't get killed"

Lexiland by Suzi Moore- Reviewed by Zoe (10)

Emma had a twin sister that passed away one  ago when she was 9 years old.She choked on a piece of birthday cake-but is this the truth?The book is based on Emma dealing with life at home and school.since the death.It has not been the same ,her mum has high tempers and she feels lonely.Then she meets a new girl at school named Lexi.She has red hair and wears an eye patch.We wonder what happened to her?They become friends after not a very good start and then everything changes.....

Rated 5/5- "It is mysterious and I had to keep reading to find out why Lexi has an eyepatch and how Emma's sister died. Recommended for 9-14  year-olds."

Like Gabriel,I've read a  Harry Potter book.The Hippogriff creature called Buckbeak is sentenced to death for attacking Draco Malfoy.Harry, Ron and Hermoine try to save him,but Buckbeak gets killed by an axe. Hagrid is sad.They meet a black dog who pounces on Ron and drags him through the tunnel under the Whomping  Willow.The dog changes into Sirius Black,who has broken out of the Azkaban prison and is trying to murder Harry Potter.Lupin appears and says he's a werewolf and Scabbers (Rons pet rat) is Peter Pettigrew in an animal form.We find out that Pettigrew is the one who betrayed Harry Potter's parents and were then killed...Sirius Black was blamed but didn't do it! Lupin and Black think of killing Pettigrew, but instead give him to the Dementors (soul sucking guards of Azkaban).The  good thing is that Buckbeak  is also saved by using Hermione's Time-Turner necklace.

Rated 5/5-  "Fantastic book, not boring at all. For ages 7-14."

I haven't finished the book yet.It is Anne Frank's diary from 1942-1944, which she kept whilst in hiding from the Germans during the war.She called it "Kitty".It is 1942 and she is hiding in an Amsterdam warehouse, with her mother,father, older sister, another family and their son Peter and a dentist.They are Jewish and Jews are being sent to the slaughter houses. They do everything at night,and she expresses frustration at how quiet she needs to be. In 1944 they are betrayed and found out....

Rated 4.7/5- "Very exciting but could have had more detail. For ages 10-14."

Harry Potter is going back to his  fourth year at Hogwarts school.The Goblet of Fire has picked Harry's name to enter the Triwizard Tournament(although you have to be over 17 and he is only 14).The first task is to pass a guarding dragon to get to the Golden Egg,which has a clue to the next task.The egg has a mermaid's song (which you can only understand underwater),telling him to go to The Lake and rescue something he will miss.Before this second task,Harry and Ron have to find a partner for the Yule Ball. The third task is to go through a maze to find the Triwizard Cup and whoever touches it first is the winner.Harry and Cedric have to fight giant spiders and monsters in the maze.In the end,they decide to touch the Cup together, but it is a Portkey,which then transports them to a graveyard. Cedric is killed and Voldemort returns.

Rated 5/5- "The best part is the dragons who breathe fire and the  Tournament is very dangerous and extremely suicidal.Recommended for ages 8-14."

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