Sunday, August 11, 2013

The egg emergency... by Casey

One morning, Nina and Sam were chatting away. They were the only chickens in their pen.

Suddenly Nina felt an urge. “Ooh ooh ooh,” said Nina. “I think we have an egg.” But then they realized there was nowhere in the pen to lay her egg.
 “Oh no, what do I do?” asked Nina.
 “Maybe you should sneak out of the pen and see if there’s a place to lay your egg there,” suggested Sam.
 “Great idea!” said Nina.

So they waited for the farmer to open the gate, and then Nina went behind the farmer and sneaked out. She was just in time! The farmer turned around just as she left!
  “Where did Nina go?” asked the farmer.
  Nina then started her search.

It was seconds. But then the seconds crawled into minutes as the minutes crawled into hours as the hours crawled into days as the days crawled into weeks as the weeks crawled into months as the months crawled into years. Well it wasn’t really that long, but it felt like it.

Finally Nina gave up. She started to walk back to the farm. She thought she should just lay her egg on the straw in her pen. After a long time of walking Nina realized she was lost!

She stopped in disbelief. Just then a chicken came racing past her. Ah ha! She thought. Her plan was to ask it if it could help her with her problem. So she went running after the chicken. When she finally caught up with the chicken, she told it her problem.  

The chicken then said: “Hi my name is Mr. Pinkerton and I don’t know why you don’t know this, but most chickens make a nest.”
 “What’s a nest?” asked Nina.
 “A nest is what chickens lay their eggs in,” explained Mr. Pinkerton.
 “Then how do you make a nest?” asked Nina.
 “Well, you really just... well, I’ll tell you step by step,” said Mr. Pinkerton.
 “Step one: Get lots of sticks and leaves and stuff like that and then bring them here and I’ll tell you what to do next.”
 “Ok,” said Nina.

So she went away and when she had found a big pile of leaves, sticks, rocks and other stuff, she asked Mr. Pinkerton what to do next.
 “Now you need to build a very shallow bucket.”
 So Nina sorted all of the things she had collected out and did her best to build a very shallow bucket.

Then Mr. Pinkerton said the nest was finished and she could lay her egg. So Nina did as she was told and laid her egg. Then Mr. Pinkerton said she was finished and she could go back to her farm.
 But Nina said: “wait, just one more thing.” And she picked up a curved stick, and attached it to the nest so she could use it as a handle.
 “Great idea!” said Mr. Pinkerton. “Now it will be easier to carry back to your farm!”
 “Goodbye,” Nina said as she carried the nest back to her farm.
 When she finally got there Sam had a worried look on his face.
 “I thought you were lost,” he said.
 “I was,” said Nina, and then she explained what she did with Mr. Pinkerton.
 “Wow,” said Sam “you did take a long time.”

Twenty days later...
All of a sudden the egg hatched.
 “Look how cute it is!” said Nina.
 “Yeeaah!” said Sam.
 “I’m going to call him Chook,” said Nina.
 “I agree!” said Sam.

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