Sunday, August 11, 2013

The golden crystal... by Sarah

Long, long ago, there was a school called St Joseph’s Primary and in fourth grade was a girl named Nina. Everyone in the school was scared of her because she was a bully. No ordinary bully, but the meanest, nastiest, tallest bully. One day, a new girl Sam came to the school. She did not know that Nina was a bully so she went over to her and said “I am new here. My name is Sam. I have no friends so would you be my friend?” Nina then said back “I will be your friend on one condition. You go into the woods for me because everyone is scared of me because they think I am a bully. But really I’m not. My parents got divorced a few years ago and couldn’t decide who I should stay with so finally they decided I should go live with my Uncle Andrew. I did not want to live with him because I found out a few years ago that he is working as an agent to take over the world. So first he turned me from one of the nicest, smartest, prettiest girls into a mean girl and the only way to change me back into a nice girl is to steal the 3 magic rocks from him and find the golden crystal from the goblins in the woods in 6 hours. So if you want to do it, do it fast!” So Sam made up her mind and said she would do it fast.

So after school that day, Sam went into the woods. On the way, she heard a voice calling her. She turned around and saw Nina shouting “Come back”. So back she came for the 3 magic rocks that Nina herself had stolen. She then turned back for the exciting but dangerous journey.

First she was trapped by lots of big, gigantic rocks. What could she do? Did she have to climb over? No, too high. Get a branch and cut her way through? Just as she was thinking, someone that was completely covered in pink popped up from nowhere. Sam decided that the best thing to do is to ask how to get to the other side. So she went up to him and said “My name is Sam. What is your name?”  “My name is Mr Pinkerton. You can call me Mr Pink if you want to.”

“Hello Mr Pinkerton. Nice to meet you. Do you live around here?” asked Sam.

“Yes, I do live here” said Mr Pinkerton. And if you want to know how to get over these big rocks you have to have a magic rock” said Mr Pinkerton “and throw it into the air. A chook will then come out of the trees and whisper to you 3 magic words. Then there will be a path to the other side of the rocks.”

“O thankyou Mr Pinkerton. I have got a magic rock” said Sam. So Sam then did everything she was told and got to the other side.

She walked and walked and then she came to a river. She did not know what to do. Swim across it? Climb across a tree, jump across to another branch then slide down onto the other side? Then it came to her as quick as a flash. She needed to throw a rock into the river. She tried it and it worked. The river turned into grass. She walked over the grass and got to the other side.

Next she came to a huge pumpkin. She walked around the pumpkin and at the back of the pumpkin was a door. However, the door was not locked so she went in. Sitting at a long wooden table were 17 green goblins. Sam saw in the middle of the table was a beautiful golden crystal. They were quiet for some time. Then one of the goblins spoke up and said “If you have come for the golden crystal you won’t have much luck getting it because all of us 17 goblins are guarding it”. Then the goblin with the potato shaped nose said “And the bananas are helping us because we get very hungry.” Sam just stood there thinking and rethinking it over again and again until it came to her.

She asked one of the goblins if they had ever been outside before. They all answered back “Of course not!” So Sam said “Come out here. There is fresh air and lots of ripe bananas.” Before she knew it, they were all stuffing their mouths full of bananas so then Sam picked up the crystal ball and wished she was back at school, and it was play time and of course it worked. She then found Nina, gave her the crystal ball and everything went back to normal. Nina was a nice girl again and everyone was happy she was no longer a bully. 

Plus Sam  got to keep the last rock - sorry the last magic rock.

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