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August reviews from St Kilda

The necromancer : the secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott - reviewed by Jackson

The back story of this book - which is the fourth in the series - is that these twins Sophie and Josh came from a prophecy created by elders. Elders are invincible beings living in shadow realms. They are all part animal. Some are good and some are super evil, they are dark elders. They can do magic by concentrating on their auras. Some of the dark elders chase Dr John Dee so he is on the run. Dr Dee is actually a real, historical person. He was an adviser to Elizabeth I. Meanwhile Josh operates the leygate lines to travel through to another dimension. He meets the good elder Prometheus, who teaches him fire magic. Dr Dee plans to draw all of the dark elders away from earth to be eaten by Coatlicue who is the mother of all Archons. Archons are older than the elders, they’re like the super boss, smash masters and Coatlicue is super evil. 

Rated:  5/5 reallys - "Brilliant, though insanely complicated. It flows really well so it doesn’t feel complicated."

Out of my mind by Sharon M. Draper - reviewed by Louise

It’s about this girl Melody. She’s got this synaesthesia condition where, for example, if you hear music, other senses overlap, like taste and colour. She can’t talk or walk. She’s super smart and has a photographic memory. A neighbour, Miss V (Violet Valencia) loves her, but tells her not to have self-pity, but show the world what she can do. One day she goes to the doctor. He gets her to do all of these exercises like stacking blocks. Melody ends up being put in class H5, a class for disabled students. She gets a machine that helps her communicate like Stephen Hawking. One day she tries out for this Whiz Kids competition which she wins. Some mean girls try to make out that she cheated, but she gets through. The next stage of the competition is in Washington.  

It’s all told from her perspective. She draws people in. Obviously the author did a lot of research, it's very descriptive.

Rated:  5/5 reallys - "so, so good!"

Crystal keepers : bk. 3 of the Five Kingdoms series by Brandon Mull - reviewed by Yuanquan

So in previous books this kid Cole is trapped in the lands called The Outskirts. In The Outskirts you create things out of nothing if you focus on making things happen. In the last book Cole helped his sister Honour get her powers back. The five kingdoms of The Outskirts are Sambria, Elloweer, Necronum, Zeropolis, and Creon. Right now Cole is in Zecropolis trying to find Constance, another one of Miracle’s sisters. When Cole is searching for her he finds he has a brother named Hunter. He has been in The Outskirts for two more years than Cole. Then Cole gets lost and is put in the care of BotSideKick. When they find Constance they find her shaping power, which turns into a monster!

Rated:  5/5 reallys - "it was just good!"

State of Grace by Hilary Badger - reviewed by Olivia

There is this group of people who live in this place that is really nice. There are walls all around it. The creator is D.O.T. They have this gazebo where they worship her. Every day they pick fruit and give them all to D.O.T. Everyone lives in huts. One day, the main character, Fern, starts having all these flashbacks about being at the beach with her little brother. She has a different name in them too, Vera. Nobody else seems to have flashbacks, or brothers, so she doesn’t tell anyone. There are all these text books about happiness. One day Fern notices fine print at the bottom of a page. It says: SHEPHERD CORPORATION, she starts seeing this in other places too.  

Things are getting crazy around Fern as one of the boys, Gill begins taking over because he thinks he can talk directly to D.O.T. One day a boy comes through the gate in the woods. This has never happened before. His name is Dennis. The gates are electric, and there is a password to open them. Once he’s in he can’t get out. Fern and another boy, Blaze decide to hide him, because it no longer feels safe. Then one day a helicopter comes…

Rated:  5/5 reallys - "Really good!"

The billionaire's curse by Richard Newsome - reviewed by Ruth

It’s about a boy called Gerald, who becomes one of the richest teenagers ever. He gets most of his money from his great-aunt. He inherits it. He has really good friends, twins Sam and Ruby. His aunt left him a message before she died, which says if he gets this message, she was murdered. She asks him to find out who did it, and to be careful. Sam and Ruby travel to England with Gerald to solve the mystery of his aunt’s murder. But Gerald’s life is in danger and the world’s largest diamond is missing…

This is the first book of a trilogy. 

Rated:  5/5 reallys - "Really, really, really, really, really good!"

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