Saturday, August 8, 2015

Nature fantasy ... by Sofia

I found one! The most beautiful fairy right in front of my eyes,
waving its wings like it was trying to fly up to the sky that was as clear as rice.
With a lot of magic in its hand,
and a quick gesture with its wand,
its feet gracefully landed on the soft grass,
that is when I finally saw that her eyes looked as easy to break as glass.
I took it in my palm,
it looked so calm.

On my walk to my granny´s house,

I couldn´t even hear a mouse.
All I could think about,
was I wanted to shout,
I wanted to shout that I had found a fairy to anyone who heard,
but I knew the existence of fairies shouldn´t be shared,
well, that was what a fairy once told me,
that fairy also told me her name was Amy.

“Granny, I found a fairy today”

she looked as fragile as hay,
my hand stretched out to show her,
“I always find fairies in summer,
but this year I am finding them in winter,
although they are very rare”
at that comment she went very white,
as if she wasn´t feeling alright.

The next day it was snowing,

but I hated not exploring.
So I went outside,
I kept thinking that my granny was sick but I always pushed the thought aside.
With snowflakes brushing my face,
I kept walking quickly like it was a race.
Finally I found an elf on the ground,
just looking around.
With some pom poms on top of its hat,
it looked like a green cat.

So once again I took the unusual creature in my hand,

that is when I noticed what it had on its neck - a tiny green band.
I kept on looking,
then suddenly the most amazing and magical creature was in front of me - the angel king.
It looked so beautiful with all that snow on its nose,
so I thought he probably knows,
so I asked him why my granny was so pale yesterday,
yesterday was a normal day,
although I did find a fairy,
but she shouldn´t worry.

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