Saturday, August 8, 2015

It's good to be different ... by Rose

I close my eyes.

I imagine a winter wonderland as I sit listening to the Frozen soundtrack on my pineapple retro headphones. "I love imagining" I say to my best friend Riley or ‘Pom Pom’ as I like to call her.

After school we sit waiting for the bus, with me in my ruffled school dress and my polka dot socks and Riley in her wacky poncho covered with pom poms (now you know how she got her nickname!), overlaying her sports uniform with a deer brooch.

I think to myself, "I understand why people think we’re weird, we wear daggy outdated clothes and I tell people things that I imagine which of course they think is a whole lot of nonsense". You see, I wish that people could understand me. I know my best friend Riley is always there for me but half the time even she tells me to stop imagining and to get on with life. It also doesn’t help being the only girl in the family.

After what seems like forever, the bus finally arrives. We both find our seats and then watch people with their heads buried in their phones. Then something catches my eye. A woman unravels her hand crocheted scarf to reveal a strange object. I whisper something to Riley and we both get off at the same stop as the woman. You may be thinking ‘STALKER!’ but let me explain. This woman looks like she has the same taste that Riley and I have and there’s something special about her. Something that is different. Unique. So that’s why we follow her and by the way you’d probably do the same if you were in our situation.

When we reach what seems to be her house, we see the woman use the strange object to unlock the door. "Why doesn’t she just use keys like everyone else?" I whisper. "I don’t know" says Riley with a tone in her voice that makes me kind of frightened.

When the door swings open with a loud creak we both jump and then work up the nerve to go inside, being very quiet so that the woman doesn’t hear us.

"OMG!" I squeal forgetting to contain my excitement. Riley turns to nudge me but it’s too late. The woman has heard and has spun around on her heel with an expression that surprises me. It’s a cheery and bubbly expression, a look like she’d just won a million dollars.

And so is mine. Even though I’m kind of shocked about her finding us, I’m surprised because this house isn't just an ordinary one painted with white walls, timber floorboards, updated kitchen and an en suite. This is a one of a kind.

"It’s a retro 50’s style house. Everything we’ve dreamed of right here. No modern day pretty, in style house that all the popular and cute girls think that’s hot right now. What don’t you get?" I say to Riley.

"I get it Sam." says Riley. "It’s just I follow the rules of my parents. I don’t just barge into peoples houses like we did just then. I respect and care for other peoples properties."

"I don’t think you’re barging into my property" says the woman in a kind tone.

"Didn’t you read the sign?"

"What sign" I say turning towards Riley with a confused expression.

"The sign on the front veranda that says ‘All welcome to the wacky & bright" the woman replies.

I’m kind of freaking out because I’ve never met a lady who’s as calm as she is. I want to ask how, but I can’t work up the nerve.

"What if some stranger comes in, what would happen then?" asks Riley.

"No one ever comes, they think I’m the weird one and they don’t bother talking. Too busy minding their own boring lives I guess" says the woman in a sad tone.

"Well guess what, we don’t think your weird we think your cool just like us" I say to the woman.

"And this place is like magic, I don’t know anyone who could resist magic" Riley chirps in.

"You think so?" asks the woman.

"Yeah, truly" I say.

"I’d love for you to stay, but won’t your parents be worried?" asks the woman again.

"No because Riley’s staying at my place for the night, and my dad thinks we’re going shopping. Plus my dad doesn’t care where we go anyway" I say thinking about my family.

So we go inside and drink a nice cup of hot chocolate.

There are so many things on the walls. There are homemade blankets embroidered with butterflies with the most colourful wings, leather couches, stuffed birds, checked floors, juke boxes, and snowflakes stuck on the walls to make it look like Narnia.

"This would be a lovely place to live in" I say to the woman as she comes in bringing a plate full of cookies.

"It is dear, but it’s better right at 4 o’clock because then the whole room becomes magical and everything comes alive" she says.

"Really?" I ask.

"Yes really, but only if you imagine" says the woman.

"I told you imagining was good" I say trying to tease Riley.

"Like I would of known" Riley says poking her tongue out at me.

"Anyway" says the woman, "it’s nearly 4 o’clock now so you better start imagining!"

We all close our eyes. I can see Riley struggling but I think "She’ll get used to it," so I stop looking at others and start concentrating on myself.

Suddenly the whole room lights up with a twinkling sound that’s hard to get over. Everything starts to come alive and then I hear music. I see people dancing and having a great time. I feel like I’m in ‘Teen Beach Movie’ because everything looks just like that.

The woman says "What are you waiting for? Let’s party!"

So we all start to dance, meet new people, and have a great time.

Eventually, everything starts to disappear and fade away until all that’s left is the woman’s house. Before we know it, it’s time to go so we say our goodbyes to the woman.

Suddenly I realise that Riley and I don’t know the woman’s name so I ask, "Excuse me, would you mind telling us your name?"

The woman replies "You don’t need to know my name and I don’t need to know yours, all that matters is that we know each other’s personalities and what we have in common".

"What? So names don’t matter to you, it’s the imagination that counts?" Riley asks.

"Exactly my dear" the woman replies.

"You know what, that’s exactly right" both Riley and I say in complete unison.

"You’ve learnt something, haven’t you?" the woman says.

"I think we have" I reply with an expression on my face that shows that I’m sad to go.

So we end up leaving and I say to Riley, "I don’t care if others think I’m weird. I’m going to stand up for what I believe in just like what that woman does, because I know that imagining is a great form of magic".

Riley agrees.

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